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When we heard about the amaining new competition with Tourism New Zealand to win a $30k trip to the land down under (and a bit to the right) we just had to share it with you.

At the heart of this campaign is the notion that life is all about great experiences and not just about having material things. As a result of this, Stories Beat Stuff which invites people to trade something they value for the chance to win an experience of a lifetime in New Zealand.

The campaign offers the chance to win one of two experiences: Natural Goodness or Winter Highlife. Being big fans of skiing, we’ve chosen the second to highlight (and maybe enter!).

When we think ‘skiing’, we instantly think of The Alps or Canada but New Zealand could give either a run for their money with its amazing mountain ranges covered in fresh white snow to play in.

Spread over both the North and South Islands, this epic prize will have you waist deep in New Zealand’s spectacular ski scene – perfect for beginners and the pros. But this winter playground is not just about the snow. Bungee jumps, skydives and jet boat rides are just some of the activities Tourism New Zealand are adding to the mix to keep you busy. Oh, and the Queenstown Winter Festival just happens to be on. With VIP tickets, you and your friends could truly be living the winter highlife.

So what does a $30k trip to New Zealand get you?

  • Get there – International and domestic flights for you & 3 friends flying Air New Zealand.
  • Stay in style – All accommodation pre-booked and ready to go.
  • Get around the place – Rental cars ready and waiting.
  • Hit the slopes – Lift passes, rental gear, transfers and lessons (if you need them).
  • Do more awesome stuff – Bungee jumping, jet boating, skydiving, four-wheel-drive tours and more.
  • Party – VIP tickets to the Queenstown Winter Festival.

Here’s an example video entry to give you some inspiration:

If you’re keen to enter, head on over to to submit your entry. Check out the entries on the Facebook page and vote for your favourite to also be entered in a draw for a pair of plane tickets.

So what would I give up? Well, after some deliberation for such a trip I’d give up my trusty vintage suitcase which has been everywhere from Paris to Prague with me.

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