Men's Fashion Finds #16: Washed Away | TQS Magazine

As we write this, we’ve just stepped inside from near-Arctic conditions – freezing winds, endless rain, and a pitch black dark that started around 3pm. The heatings on full and we’re in a wooly jumper and two pairs of socks. Winter in Britain – not fun. Winter in Southern California, on the other hand, where the creators of sun-kissed, laidback fashion house Washed Away reside, is no doubt drenched in rays of endless rays of warmth and joy. Not that we’re jealous or anything. Not us.

Escapism – it’s one of the things that editors, stylists, and indeed, anyone who’s interested in fashion regularly cite as the reason they love what they do. Fashion’s ability to tranform not only your aesthetic, but also how you feel about yourself, is it’s greatest strength.

We’re not saying that the statement tees by Washed Away are going to keep us toasty during the cold, lonely December nights, oh no, but by giving ourselves over to the achingly cool lifestyle of the surfers on the West Coast certainly helps.

Creating simple and design led garments, Washed Away is a new brand that lives and breathes it’s home and it’s home’s lifestyle. There’s so much ‘LA’ in the garments we half expect a bit of sand to come out when we take it out the closet. The tees and prints are understated and band on trend – we expect to see these cropping up on the old Lookbook and Tumblr pretty soon. And it’ll happen sooner if they reach their Kickstarter total, where the guys are looking for your cash to help them grow. A Fashion Find you can fun? Don’t say we don’t treat you.

Still not convinced? Well they also give annual donations to Oceana, the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Fashion with a HEART people. Get involved. Take a look at Washed Away on their site, follow them on Twitter or Like their Facebook page.