Hot Hot Summer | TQS Magazine

Oh yes my friends, it’s almost Summertime (don’t believe the weather)! Time to get put aside your worries, forget all about the real world and escape for a precious few months into the existence you were born to lead; carefree, fun-filled and in the moment.

So what’ll it be? Sun, sea and sex on a Mediterranean party island? Alpine adventures in central Europe? Changing lives in the third world? Changing lines on the New York tube for some cosmopolitan adventure? All sounds good..

Or how about music festivals? There are some pretty tasty line-ups popping up here, there and everywhere… The Rolling Stones headlining Glasto… Snoop Dogg (sorry, Snoop Lion) and Franz Ferdinand at Bestival… Biffy Clyro at Reading and Leeds… and what about abroad? With continental festivals including Pukkelpop, Beicassim and Exit Festival to pick from, we really are spoilt for choice.

Blimey, this is getting me excited, just another month or so to go, then we all get to leave it all behind.

Hmm. Apart from our friends of course, we’ll be taking those. Family too? Ahhhh go on then… We actually take a heck of a lot away with us on our summer adventurers come to think of it – our favourite books, toiletries, clothing, hand-held games consoles, any sense of duty and decorum…

Gone are the days of the lonesome traveller hiking along a dusty track with nothing but a tiny bindle of belongings hoiked over his shoulder and a pocket full of dreams. Yes, that’s a romantic image, but believe me, that lonesome traveller would have rather had it our way.

Much as we love the thought of ‘leaving it all behind’, we don’t actually mean ‘it all’. Take gaming for instance. There’s nothing more perfectly tailored to passing those weary travel hours in planes, trains and automobiles than a spot of good old-fashioned button-bashing, whether you’re into RPGs, brain training or spinning the online money games at Jackpot Capital Casino – the latter of which can make for particularly great holiday gaming fare if you end up winning a prize; just imagine hitting the jackpot on the beach.

If you want to make sure you can take your favourite gaming experiences on holiday with you this summer, there are one or two things to get straight first. First thing’s first, make sure you’re on a data plan that allows you to access the internet wherever you’re going – contact your service provider if you’re unsure. You also need to make sure your device supports 3G or Wi-fi so you can get online.

This summer’s going to be pretty amazing, but wherever you end up you’re still gonna need a few home comforts. Don’t forget to pack some sun cream, pick up one or two great books and make sure you’re internet ready wherever you go, so you can take your favourite gaming experiences with you to help you chill out, anywhere in the world.