How To Tan Your Back

Learning how to tan your back is easy, and you shouldn’t run into problems if you get it right. Skin tanning has become a beauty trend in the UK and worldwide as the love for the golden glow grows stronger. So how do you tan your back and give it the shine?

You can tan your back using a tanning mitt which helps you apply self-tanning products to your skin. You should use a tanning mitt with a larger surface and attached to a long, solid tool. After mixing the product, add it to the mitt and apply it to a quarter of your back at a time.

It may seem impossible at first to tan your back, but this post proves it incorrect. Keep reading to learn how to tan your back from the comfort of your home.

The Benefits of Tanning

A true fashion or skincare enthusiast can identify the new look tanning your skin gives. Skin tanning gives a darker touch to your skin, offering it a beautiful golden glow. 

Also, the skin tanning process makes it easier to darken the skin to your desired glow without hurting it. You don’t have to use the sun’s ultraviolet rays anymore and risk damaging your skin. Using tanning products from the comfort of your home, using tanning products, you can get the skin shade you want.

The Disadvantages of Tanning

There are several science-proven dangers you risk when you tan your skin. Firstly, tanning puts you at the risk of skin cancer and diseases, especially when using artificial ultraviolet rays. Such infections will cause premature ageing, damaging the skin beyond repair.

Furthermore, you may expose yourself to allergies that irritate your skin, causing rashes and other discomforts. You may also be increasing your chances of developing melanoma as you experience sunburns. Therefore, before jumping into knowing how to tan your back, keep these in mind.

How to Tan Your Back

You can save yourself the stress by approaching a professional for the tanning process. Still, if you want to handle it yourself, you certainly can. Simply follow the processes below:

1. Get the Tanning Materials

Firstly, you’ll need to get your materials, including the tanning product you want to apply and your tanning mitt. You should pick a mitt with a larger surface to cover more areas quickly. You’ll also need a long tool like a buffing brush with a long handle to reach your back easily.

2. Mix the Product

Carefully mix the tanning product with any extra material like a moisturiser which will loosen it up. After mixing it, apply the substance to the tanning mitt.

3. Apply to Your Back

Imagine your back divided into four sections – upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. Now, apply the product to your back using the mitt section after section. It will help you get your tan without overstretching. 


Now you know how to tan your back yourself from the comfort of your home – super easy! As an extra tip, you can also use cling film instead of a mitt to apply like you’re drying your back.