How to Measure Ring Size For Men 

You need to know how to measure ring size for men if you want to skip the troubles of the fitting. In the UK, a ring size table with measurements from A to Z is the best determiner of ring size. So how does one use this table to measure his ring size accurately?

Wrap a piece of paper around the area below your knuckles on the ring finger, ensuring it’s not tight. Uncurl the paper and mark out the point where the ends meet. Measure the points on the paper in millimetres and check where it falls on the ring size chart. Alternatively, you can also measure the diameter of a ring you wear. 

Keep reading for more details on measuring a ring size for men using one of two methods available.

How to Measure Ring Size for Men with an Existing Ring

If you have a ring that is your perfect fit, you can skip the extra process by simply measuring the ring. Use a tape rule to get the diameter of the ring you’re wearing in millimetres. The diameter is the imaginary line that divides the circle of the ring into two halves.

Once you have this figure, look it up on the ring size chart, and you have your size already.

How to Measure Ring Size for Men

If you don’t have a ring that fits already, go ahead and follow the processes below to determine your size:

1. Get Your Materials

All you need are everyday items you’ll find at home – a piece of paper, a ruler, and a pen. You should also get the ring size chart which is available online.

2. Measure the Finger

Wrap the piece of paper around the finger where the ring will be. Ensure you do so during the evening, and your fingers are not cold. The fingers shrink and expand severally during the day, so be cautious of this.

After wrapping it in a way that is snug but not tight, mark the spot where the paper’s two points meet. Now measure the distance between the points and look it up on the chart.


With these simple steps, every man should be able to accurately get his ring size without seeing a jeweller.