Where Is Beyond Paradise Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the serene and picturesque landscapes often showcased in BBC dramas, you might wonder where is Beyond Paradise filmed.

The series transports you to the fictional coastal town of Shipton Abbott, set in the heart of South Devon.

However, the magic of television often blurs the lines between fiction and reality, with production choosing to anchor the series’ visual appeal in the captivating beauty of both Devon and Cornwall.

The choice to film in the South West of England is hardly surprising given its breathtaking scenery and relatively untapped potential on the small screen.

Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and historic charm, alongside Devon’s lush countryside and quaint towns, provides the perfect canvas for “Beyond Paradise.”

You might even recognize some spots such as Looe, the Tamar Valley, and the stately Port Eliot House and Gardens, which have all played host to the cast and crew during filming.

These locations not only complement the narrative but also bring to life a setting that feels both idyllic and authentic.

Where Is Beyond Paradise Filmed?

When you indulge in the BBC drama Beyond Paradise, you’re actually seeing the stunning landscapes of England’s southwest.

This popular series brings to life a fictional town set in Devon, but the filming magic occurs mostly in Cornwall.

United States Locations

It appears that there are no United States locations involved in the filming of Beyond Paradise.

The production is firmly rooted in the picturesque regions of England, particularly in the counties of Devon and Cornwall.

International Settings

Similarly, Beyond Paradise does not utilize international settings, as the series exclusively showcases the beauty of English locales.

The focus is on authentically depicting the charm and scenic vistas of Devon and Cornwall, avoiding the need for shoots beyond these areas.

Cinematography and Visuals

When you watch Beyond Paradise, you’ll immediately be struck by its cinematography, which showcases the picturesque landscapes of Devon and Cornwall.

The directors and cinematographers chose locations that not only serve the narrative but also capture the essence of England’s stunning southwest.

The show brings to life the fictional setting of Shipton Abbott through real-world locations that are a feast for the eyes.

Here’s a snapshot of key filming spots:

  • Looe: The heart of the story pulsates through the streets of Looe, with its iconic bridge and historic Guildhall.
  • Calstock’s Fore Street and Weir Quay: These areas add a charming small-town feel, authentic to the series’ setting.
  • Pentillie Castle and Estate: With its grandeur and sprawling grounds, Pentillie Castle provides a majestic backdrop for pivotal scenes.

You’ll notice the visual texture of the show is vibrant and warm, a contrast to many crime dramas that opt for cooler, more somber hues.

Bold colors pop against the lush greenery, and the quaint town settings feel inviting.

Each frame takes advantage of natural lighting to enhance the scenic beauty of the countryside, whether it be the soft golden hour or the crisp blues of a clear day.

The composition of each shot is carefully considered to tell a story within a story — the tranquil life versus the hidden undercurrents of drama.

Your connection to the characters is amplified by close-ups that capture nuanced expressions, and wide shots that situate them within the vast, open landscapes tied to their tales.

Fan Discussions

Discussion forums and fan groups cater to in-depth conversations about the series.

Your participation in these discussions can range from reading location theories to contributing your own sightings if you live in the filmed regions.

Fans speculate on which scenes correspond to specific spots and exchange tips for visiting them.

Here are the popular topics:

  • Comparing the fictional Shipton Abbott with actual Cornish and Devon locales.
  • Organizing fan meet-ups at key filming sites.
  • Collaborating to create fan-made location guides.

Key Takeaways

  • Fictional Setting: You’ll find the series set in the fictive town of Shipton Abbott, which is said to be in Devon.
  • Actual Filming in Cornwall: Although set in Devon, most scenes are filmed across various locations in Cornwall.

Primary Filming Locations:

  • Looe, Cornwall: This scenic coastal town serves as the backdrop for many of the scenes in the series.
  • From its picturesque fire station to quaint town center, Looe doubles for many Shipton Abbott spots.
  • Tamar Valley and Surroundings: The Tamar Valley’s natural beauty shines through, with places like Bere Ferrer’s and Weir Quay adding to the show’s scenic tapestry.
  • St Germans: Specifically, Port Eliot House and Gardens in the parish of St Germans has been utilized for its stately appearance and grounds.

Beauties of the South West:

  • The charm of Cornwall, alongside the allure of neighboring Devon, brings the perfect blend of the South West of England to your screen.

Remember, Shipton Abbott itself might be a creation, but the landscapes and buildings you see are all very real and you can visit them.

Enjoy the beautiful Cornwall scenes knowing they’re just as charming in reality as they are in Beyond Paradise.