Where Is The Larkins Filmed?

Have you ever wondered where is The Larkins filmed?

The Larkins, a charming television series, brings to life the rural bliss of the English countryside.

You might find yourself smitten by the scenic backdrops and quaint settings that seem to whisk you away to a different, more idyllic era.

The show is actually filmed in various locations within the UK, particularly in the lush, picturesque landscapes of Kent.

By exploring the settings of The Larkins, you become part of a legacy that ties you to the storied history of British cinema.

Kent has contributed much to the visual spectacle of film and television and continues to serve as an emblematic locale that adds authenticity and charm to contemporary works.

Whether you’re a fan looking to experience the essence of the show’s setting firsthand or a budding filmmaker seeking inspiration, the filming locations of The Larkins offer a delightful journey through the heart of Kent’s pastoral paradise.

Where Is The Larkins Filmed?

The picturesque landscapes you see in ‘The Larkins’ are primarily set in the charming county of Kent, England, which serves as the backdrop for the show’s evocative depiction of mid-20th-century rural life.

Main Setting

Kent, known as the Garden of England, is where you’ll find the heart of The Larkins.

The county’s rolling hills, lush farmlands, and historical villages provide an authentic and visually appealing setting that is integral to the show’s aesthetic.

You’ll recognize that many scenes are filmed here, anchoring the series in a place that embodies the bygone era it seeks to capture.

Supporting Locations

Alongside the main rural canvas of Kent, The Larkins features a variety of supporting locations that enrich the storytelling:

  • Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate: A coastal gem that offers a slice of the seaside atmosphere.
  • Viking Bay, Broadstairs: Its sandy beach and dramatic cliffs are picture-perfect for certain scenes.
  • Faversham: This market town adds a touch of historical charm to the series.
  • Squerryes Court and Long Barn: These provide grandeur and a stately backdrop for the narrative.
  • Stonepitts Farm, Underriver: A quintessential representation of rural life.
  • Eynsford village green: A traditional setting that portrays village life.
  • The Swan in West Peckham: This cosy pub serves as a local hangout in the show.

Each of these spots contributes its unique flavor to the visual storytelling of The Larkins, helping to transport you to a different time and place.

Filming Challenges

When you’re exploring the filming locations for The Larkins, it’s important to consider that every film or TV series faces its unique set of challenges.

Two significant challenges faced during the filming of The Larkins include unpredictable weather conditions and the accessibility of the filming locations.

Weather Conditions

The often unpredictable British weather can be a problem when shooting The Larkins, especially in rural areas like Kent and Surrey.

You might notice how the show maintains its picturesque aesthetic, despite the reality that sudden rain can lead to delays or reschedules.

The crew has to be prepared for swift changes in weather to ensure that the production quality remains consistent and scenes match across different shooting days.

Location Accessibility

Given that The Larkins is filmed in various countryside locales, the accessibility of certain areas poses a notable challenge.

For instance, transporting cast, crew, and equipment to a village such as Underriver or a heritage site like Squerryes Court requires extensive planning.

Here’s a glance at how location impacts production:

  • Transportation: Navigating narrow, rural roads with large vehicles can be tricky.
  • Time Management: Longer setup and pack-up times when moving between remote locations.
  • Casting Adjustments: Finding extras willing to travel to less accessible areas might be a hurdle.

These elements fundamentally affect the scheduling and logistics of the filming process, emphasizing the need for meticulous pre-production planning.

Behind The Scenes

In this section, you’ll get an exclusive peek at how the actors brought “The Larkins” to life during cast interviews and learn about the picturesque sites uncovered during location scouting.

Cast Interviews

During cast interviews, the actors shared anecdotes and insights into their characters, offering a deeper understanding of the Larkin family’s dynamics on screen.

These interviews often reveal the camaraderie and connections formed amongst the cast members, which contribute to the show’s authentic and inviting atmosphere.

Location Scouting

Location scouts played a critical role in “The Larkins,” meticulously selecting venues that accurately epitomized the rural charm required for the series.

They explored various villages in Kent, including:

  • Underriver
  • Eynsford
  • West Peckham

Their efforts resulted in finding the ideal settings such as the Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate and the village green in Eynsford, adding to the show’s visual allure.

Reception And Impact

In exploring the impact of “The Larkins,” you’ll discover how viewer ratings and cultural influence paint a picture of the show’s reception.

Viewer Ratings

“The Larkins” garnered attention and viewership due to its nostalgic roots, harking back to “The Darling Buds of May.”

Ratings reflect an audience’s captivation and retention from one episode to the next.

Check the official network’s press releases or a reliable TV ratings aggregator to see specific figures for the show’s viewership performance.

Cultural Influence

The show, set amongst the lush landscapes of Kent, resonates deeply with the audience, reinforcing an idyllic image of countryside life.

It has influenced local tourism, with fans seeking out filming locations such as Romshed Farm and other Kent areas showcased.

The cultural footprint of “The Larkins” also extends into the television industry as a benchmark for revitalizing classic series.

Key Takeaways

  • The Larkins Filming Locations: The Larkins was predominantly filmed across various locales in the UK.
    • The county of Kent, known for its picturesque landscapes and quintessential British countryside, served as the primary setting.
  • Primary Setting: The heart of the series’ setting takes place in Kent, which is often referred to as the “garden of England.”
    • This area boasts charming scenery that greatly contributes to the show’s aesthetic.
  • Specific Spots: The production utilized spots like Romshed Farm near Underriver and locations around Sevenoaks.
    • Flanchford Farm in Reigate and a nearby primary school were also among the filming sites.
  • Noteworthy Differences: While the series draws from the original Darling Buds of May, for The Larkins adaptation, ITV chose not to film at the original cottage featured in the previous series.

Your visual mapping:

Kent (General)Primary filming location, the “garden of England”
Romshed FarmStands in for Home Farm in the series
Flanchford FarmIncluded amongst various filming sites
Sevenoaks AreaFeatures idyllic village surroundings