Where is Top Boy Filmed?

If you are in London, you might have wondered where is Top Boy filmed.

Top Boy, a gritty narrative, has captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling and authentic depiction of East London.

The series’ filming locations have played a significant role in bringing the story to life.

While the estate itself is a creation, the filming has taken place in real neighborhoods of London, grounding the drama in a recognizable urban landscape.

Initially, the series made extensive use of the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle for its exterior scenes when it aired on Channel 4.

The stark brutalist architecture and the estate’s labyrinthine layout provided a convincing backdrop that complemented the show’s themes.

Although the Heygate Estate was demolished in 2014, the production has continued to seek out locations that resonate with the show’s energy and maintain the connection with the city’s identity.

As Top Boy transitioned to Netflix, the search for new locations ensued, giving viewers a broader glimpse into various parts of London while maintaining the visual consistency the series is known for.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer to the show, understanding where Top Boy is filmed enhances the viewing experience, offering a deeper appreciation of how settings contribute to storytelling.

Where Is Top Boy Filmed?

As you explore the gritty and gripping world of “Top Boy,” you’ll encounter the urban landscape of London, which not only serves as a backdrop but also as an essential character in the series.

London Neighborhoods

The journey through “Top Boy” takes you into the heart of East London.

Filming locations such as Hackney, with its raw and vibrant atmosphere, play a major role.

Dalston and Haggerston, areas known for their cultural diversity and bustling streets, are also featured, giving you an authentic taste of the city’s unique flavour.

Housing Estates

When it comes to the housing estates, “Top Boy” originally used Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle to represent the fictional Summerhouse estate.

Although this estate is no longer standing due to redevelopment, it laid the groundwork for the show’s visual setting.

Later series use the De Beauvoir estate in Hackney to bring the Summerhouse estate to life, embedding the drama in London’s physical and social landscape.

Key Filming Spots in London

London’s vibrant streets are not just a backdrop but almost a character in the series “Top Boy.”

Here you’ll discover key locations where the show’s gripping drama unfolds.


The heart of “Top Boy” beats in Hackney, where much of the show is set and filmed.

The fictional Summerhouse estate central to the series is intricately tied to the area’s urban landscape.

While the estate itself is a creation for the show, Hackney’s genuine architecture and atmosphere are very much a part of the series’ fabric.

Kentish Town

Though not as prominent as Hackney, Kentish Town surfaces in the series as well.

This district, with its unique blend of residential and commercial settings, provides another authentic London feel that “Top Boy” harnesses to ground its gritty story in reality.

Beyond London

While Top Boy is deeply rooted in the visual and cultural landscape of London, the show’s narrative hasn’t explored international settings in its storytelling.

International Locations

Currently, Top Boy does not feature any filming locations outside of the United Kingdom.

It maintains a strong focus on the urban environments within London, which serve as a backdrop for the series’ gritty narrative.

Production Insights

Exploring the authentic and gritty backdrop of Top Boy, you’ll uncover the attention to detail in location choices and set designs that bring the series to life.

Location Scouting

The series showcases various real-life locales across London.

Scouts chose settings that reflect the visceral and raw aesthetic of the show’s theme.

For instance, Ridley Road Market in Dalston is not just a vibrant marketplace but a historic setting that’s been active for over 140 years.

This location provides the bustling community atmosphere seen in the series.

Additionally, parts of the show were filmed on estates in Hackney, capturing the urban reality of the city’s landscape.

Set Design

The design team expertly crafted sets that mirror the complexity and realism of urban London.

The De Beauvoir Estate in Hackney, along with places like Gordon Place in Gravesend, Kent, served as the backbone for the Summerhouse estate.

This detailed mock-up encapsulates the environment the characters inhabit, reflecting issues like gentrification through the changing set design in later seasons, where original filming locations were demolished and redeveloped.

Influence on Local Areas

When you watch Top Boy, you’re not just seeing a drama unfold; you’re glimpsing into the fabric of East London.

Filming locations like the fictional Summerhouse Estate not only serve as a backdrop but also affect their local areas in tangible ways.

Community Engagement

Filming can kindle a sense of community pride and connection.

Locals often have the chance to witness the production process, sometimes even participating as extras or in small roles.

This visibility can boost community morale and foster a stronger local identity centered around being part of something widely recognized and appreciated.

Economic Impact

Bringing a production like Top Boy to a neighborhood usually results in a notable economic boost.

Businesses in the vicinity, especially those featured on screen, often see increased patronage from fans and tourists.

Moreover, local hires for crew and services inject money directly into the community, benefiting a wide array of service providers, from catering to transport.

Here’s a brief glimpse of potential economic benefits:

  • Increased foot traffic in local businesses from crew and fans
  • Job opportunities for residents in various production roles
  • Rental income for property owners who lease spaces for filming

Key Takeaways

  • East London: Much of “Top Boy” was filmed here. The show focuses on representing the city’s varied and vibrant locales.
  • Hackney: This borough is a central filming spot. It brings the show’s gritty urban vibe to life.
  • Heygate Estate: This area was once a filming location. It contributed to the authentic estate atmosphere of the show.

“Top Boy” captured the essence of East London’s estates before its conclusion after five seasons.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or interested in the real-life settings behind TV productions, knowing these locations provides an insightful look into where the gripping narratives unfold.

Location HighlightDescription
Summerhouse EstateThe fictional setting shown in the show.
HackneyAn epicenter for arts and a diverse community, giving the series its authentic London feel.
Heygate EstateContributed its architecture to earlier seasons for the series’ backdrop.

Times like September 7, 2023, mark important updates for fans. They mention the show’s wrap-up and reflections on the core filming sites.

Keep these iconic spots in mind as you watch “Top Boy,” and appreciate how they contribute to the overall storytelling experience.