Where Is The Intruder Filmed?

Fans of the supposedly UK-based show are wondering: Where is The Intruder filmed? Everyone will agree that the weather and costumes were a perfect blend with its dim locations. The question is, where is The Intruder filmed to achieve such accuracy that brings the series to life?

The mini-series, known as The Intruder, is filmed in several locations in Ireland, a city in the UK. Some scenes were shot in Galway, while others were in North Dublin and North Wicklow within the city. Though a good part of the series was set in a house, it showed landscapes of dark caves and a beach. 

Despite negative reviews, The Intruder remains a dramatic series with an excellent storyline. Keep reading to learn more on answers to the question, ‘where is The Intruder filmed?’ 

What Is The Intruder?

The Intruder presents a new idea about crime in our world today from the primary perspective of a married couple. It follows Rebecca, played by Elaine Cassidy, and her husband, Sam Hickey, played by Tom Heeten. Two teenagers break into their house one night, almost harmless as petty thieves.

Rebecca, who had challenges with drugs, had been on them that same night, and on encountering the thieves, she lost it. Without a fight, she brutally murders one of the teenagers while the other gets away. To cover up her drug dealings, Rebecca and her husband present lies, painting the story worse than it is.

However, to stay clear, the couple must keep building more lies on lies to stay clear. The first episode premiered on April 5, 2021. Gareth Tunley directed each of the four episodes, which they shot in coastal locations and dark caves.

Locations Where The Intruder Is Filmed


For those asking, “Where is The Intruder filmed?”, know they planned the original story for a seaside town in England. However, the crew ended up shooting the entire film in Ireland. 

According to the show’s credit sequence, a few of the sequences look to be shot in dark, lonely tunnels. It was vital to have a coastal cave in the murder plot.

Despite apprehensions for the region, Silverstrand beach in County Galway is one of the filming locations. A location known in many top-notch series provided the eerie touch that The Intruder needed.

Further filming of the show took place in Dublin when Covid-19 was still paramount. Due to lockdown measures, the team stayed apart from each other during the filming, living in the area. 

The series also had fewer scenes shot in North Wicklow, south of Dublin on the island’s east coast. Aside from the pandemic, the phobia of the areas used for filming also posed a more significant challenge. Crew members reported that the dimness of the weather in these locations worked in their favour.


You should have enough information to answer the question, “Where is The Intruder filmed?” Despite its tense storyline, the series received several negative reviews and poor ratings regarding its quality. However, this doesn’t mean the landmark of the film doesn’t remain a sensation to curious fans worldwide.