Where Is Line Of Duty Filmed?

Line of Duty is a captivating drama, and its stunning locations have got fans wondering: Where is Line of Duty Filmed? The UK series combines action and thrills in locations no viewer can overlook. So where is Line of Duty filmed, and how did its modern-day gripping locations come about?

The 2012 series, Line of Duty, has six seasons, filmed in Birmingham and Belfast in the UK. As the first season of the film kicked off, the crew filmed all the scenes in Birmingham. Afterwards, its second to sixth seasons were filmed in Belfast in Northern Ireland, a part of the UK. The series features awe-inspiring locations around these cities. 

Were you one of the fans who was attracted to the scenery and asked, ‘where is Line of Duty filmed?’ It’s exciting to learn you can revisit these locations in the real world, so keep reading to find out. 

What Is Line Of Duty?

If you’re a fan of detective series, Line of Duty is another hit you certainly shouldn’t miss. The story plays out the life of Detective Steve, who was in charge of a dangerous operation. Unfortunately, it happened that as a result of his team’s incompetence, an unarmed person was killed during the operation. 

During the subsequent investigation, Arnott refused to cover up ineptitude in the raid’s planning and execution. Due to this, he was no longer authorized to work in his unit and was reassigned to AC-12. In his new team, he is now committed to uncovering police corruption. 

It also introduces Arnott’s partner, Detective Constable Kathrine Fleming. a well-liked undercover detective with a keen investigative instinct. Throughout the series, AC-12 investigates seemingly unrelated incidents involving corrupt officers, with each series focused on a new corrupt cop. AC-12 rapidly recognizes the pervasiveness of corruption and the police’s strong ties to an organized crime gang involved in several vices.

Locations Where Line Of Duty Is Filmed


The Line of Duty team moved to Birmingham, and the cast resided there for shooting the first season. Shots inside The Queen’s Arms, a delightful grade-listed business on Newhall Street in Birmingham, were also featured.


For Season 2 to 6, the production relocated to Belfast to keep up with the location issues. You can find the team’s office’s exteriors in the city’s centre. Around these areas, you can also find the places where Arnott and the female detective see the men interrogated.

Even the restaurant which the film featured is present within the area known as ‘Stix and Stones’. There are also scenes shot in this area.

At the doorway opposite it, we have Fleming and Arnott pursuing fleeing interviewee Vihan Malhotra. Every other location in the series was filmed in Belfast. There are no reported scenes of the series outside the city.


You now have answers to your question, ‘where is Line of Duty filmed?’ and now know those locations are real. A little tour around Birmingham and Belfast will bring back every memory of the film rushing back in.