Where Is Downton Abbey Filmed?

The ground-breaking Downton Abbey series locations have fans wondering: Where is Downton Abbey filmed? In our modern world, you can only marvel at the sight of the breathtaking landscapes and architecture in the UK. So, where is Downton Abbey filmed, and how do we have such stunning historical appearances?

Downton Abbey is filmed in several locations in England, with the Highclere Castle being the most captivating spot of the series. The significant parts of the film were shot in different locations within Hampshire. Also, several places from the series appear to be in Bampton, a small village in Oxfordshire. Other parts in the film featured areas from London, Berkshire, Sussex, and Scotland. 

It’s exciting to figure out that those areas of the Downton Abbey series you saw are real places you can visit. This article will provide the answer to the question, “Where is Downton Abbey filmed?”.

What Is Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey unveils drama with many occupied characters that keep viewers busy throughout the story. It’s set in the early twentieth-century It chronicles the complex relationship between an aristocratic British family and the servants that work for them. Hugh Bonneville’s character, Lord Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, considers his family’s heritage, notably Downton Abbey, to be his life’s ambition. 

As Robert Crawley sustains the area, he is struck with the awful news that begins to wreck his life. His heir had passed away in the crash of the Titanic, and Robert reaches out to his distant cousin – Matthew Crawley. The Manchester lawyer inherits the entire estate with his socially engaged mother, one who clashes with Robert’s mother.

Aside from this significant plot, Downton Abbey still keeps viewers engaged with the tension of Robert marrying off his daughters. As the drama unfolds, we can see rivalry and havoc slowly rising among family members. With every episode, the series climaxes in its plot intriguingly.

Locations Where Downton Abbey Is Filmed


The iconic Downton Abbey estate was, in fact, Highclere Castle. Off-screen, the present Earl and Countess Carnarvon reside in this opulent Victorian mansion. Julian Fellowes, who wrote the story, had earmarked this castle specifically for the show’s primary location.

Bampton, Oxfordshire

The village in the show is based on Bampton, which is situated in the picturesque Cotswolds. Downton Abbey locations in Bampton include the post office and Churchgate House, which acts as Isobel Crawley’s home. There’s also Church View and St. Mary’s church – one of the essential locations for many of the show’s most dramatic sequences.


Lancaster House, located in London’s West End, is most known for the interiors of Buckingham Palace in the series’ Christmas special. There are many other spots within London in the series.


Grantham House, where the Crawley family resides when they visit London, is located on the fictional Downton Abbey estate. It includes the Georgian Manor Basildon Park in Berkshire.


Horsted Keynes Station, a preserved historic site, became the usual location of the Downton Railway Station in the Downton Abbey world. It saw several crucial sequences and narrative events.


The medieval Inveraray Castle in Argyll, Scotland, represented Duneagle Castle in an episode. The episode saw the cast dining in the State Dining Room, fishing and stalking on the castle’s expansive grounds.


Now you have the answers to your question, ‘where is Downton Abbey filmed?’ In addition to the mesmerising locations mentioned above, Northumberland, Piccadilly, Lincolnshire, and Buckinghamshire also saw a few scenes.