Where Is The Holiday Filmed?

If you have watched Channel 5’s series the Holiday in the UK, you’ve probably wondered: Where is the Holiday filmed? This four-part thriller has gained massive success due to its beautiful locations, unique storyline, and outstanding performance of the whole cast. But where was it filmed?

The Holiday was filmed on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. Filming took place in ice-cold conditions on the island. Due to its filming during Covid, many restrictions were in place. Despite the strict lockdown on the island, the cast and crew had many difficulties while filming the Holiday.

What Is The Holiday?

The Holiday is a thrilling Channel 5’s series adapted from TM Logan’s novel of the same name. The novel is one of the top sellers on Amazon, with 4.3 stars rating. The novel, hence the series, is a story of a woman, Kate (Jill Halfpenny). 

Her dream family vacation becomes a nightmare when she discovers an affair between her husband and her best friend. All her friends were on vacation, and the dream family holiday ended with a horrible murder. 

Where Is The Holiday Filmed?

Although the novel’s plot occurs in the rural French countryside, the series was filmed on the beautiful island of Malta. It is present south of the Italian island of Sicily.

The team started filming the series in 2021, and the whole cast and crew stayed on the island for five weeks. When the group reached Malta, the island was in strict lockdown. 

Before starting production, they had to isolate themselves due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Where In Malta Was The Holiday Filmed?

The exact filming location of Channel 5’s popular series is yet unknown. Still, according to the cast, the town they were filming was cold. Even though they filmed the series in April, the chill winds were freezing the team on the Holiday. 

While sharing her experience, Jill said that during the filming, they were in summer outfits sitting on the beach having a meal. She added that the cold wind coming from the sea made her want to cry. 

Most of the members of the Holiday team were screaming and coughing. They said it was fun but needed a cup of tea every few hours. 


To sum up, the exciting and thrilling Channel 5’s series, the Holiday, is filmed on the scenic island of Malta in the Mediterranean. It was pretty cold there during the filming of the series.

Because of the island’s strict lockdown, the cast and crew experienced many difficulties during the holiday shooting. The series originated from the novel of the same name, “The Holiday.” It became so famous among the viewers.