Where Is The Holiday Filmed?

If you like tropical and exotic locations, you might wonder where is The Holiday filmed.

The allure of the movie “The Holiday” lies not only in its heartwarming story but also in the charming settings that viewers have come to adore.

As you explore the filming locations of this romantic comedy, you’ll find that the movie magic was created on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the film, two women, played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, swap homes in an attempt to escape their respective romantic woes during the holiday season.

Your journey through the movie’s backdrop begins in sunny Los Angeles, California, where the character Amanda’s luxurious house sets the stage for part of this enticing story.

Transitioning from the city’s glitz, the film transports you across the pond to the picturesque English countryside.

In Shere, a quaint village in Surrey, England, you’ll discover the quintessential charm of Iris’s cozy cottage.

In contrast to Amanda’s opulent abode, Iris’s home offers a peaceful and traditional English vibe.

Where is The Holiday Filmed?

The Holiday, a heartwarming rom-com, showcases stunning locations across the English countryside and the bustling city of Los Angeles, California.

The contrast between these sites mirrors the film’s tale of two women swapping homes.

English Countryside

The quaint and picturesque English villages of Shere and Godalming in Surrey are central to the film’s charm.

You can find the cozy ambiance that Kate Winslet’s character, Iris, calls home in these locations.

Scenes capture the essence of a tranquil English village life meticulously, with local shops and historic buildings serving as the perfect backdrop.

  • Shere: A classic English village with narrow lanes and charming cottages.
  • Godalming: A larger town featuring wider streets and distinctive architecture.

Los Angeles, California

The sprawling city of Los Angeles serves as the backdrop for Amanda Woods’ luxurious life.

Filming took place amidst the glamorous setting of L.A., with its palm-lined streets, and her opulent house reflecting the city’s modern and upscale vibe.

  • Los Angeles: Vibrant city life with a blend of lavish homes and urban landscapes.

Secondary Filming Spots

While the primary settings for “The Holiday” may garner most of the limelight, you’ll find that some of the lesser-known locations play a crucial part in giving the film its authentic and charming atmosphere.

Great Wolford, a quaint village in Warwickshire, appears as a picturesque English countryside, particularly as Amanda drives to Rosehill Cottage for the first time.

Here’s a breakdown of locations that may have slipped under your radar:

  • Shere, Surrey: The quintessential English village, which lent its streets and ambiance for some of the movie’s outdoor scenes.
  • Godalming, Surrey: Featured in various sequences for its historic architecture and picturesque scenes.
  • Albury: With its traditional English character, it formed part of the backdrop for country scenes.

You may recognize some other spots sprinkled throughout the film:

LocationUsage in Film
PeaslakeVillage scenes
GuildfordTown locations

Each of these locations contributed to the film’s cozy and rustic vibe, helping “The Holiday” become such a Christmas favorite.

If you’re ever in England and fancy a bit of movie magic, these spots are well worth a visit for their charm and contribution to movie history.

Set Design and Creation

When you watch The Holiday, much of the charm comes from the delightful set design that feels both aspirational and warmly relatable.

You’ll see a stark contrast between Amanda’s modern Los Angeles home and Iris’s cozy English cottage.

Amanda’s Los Angeles house: This spacious and luxurious property features sleek, modern architecture with an emphasis on open spaces and minimalist design.

The interior boasts large windows that flood the rooms with California sunshine, highlighting the clean lines and upscale furnishings.

  • Key features:
    • Open-plan layout
    • High-end kitchen
    • Expansive garden
    • Neutral color palette with bold accents

Iris’s English cottage: Tucked away in the snowy countryside, the quintessentially British cottage is the epitome of rustic charm.

The production team focused on creating a warm, inviting space that would convincingly contrast with Amanda’s residence.

  • Key features:
    • Traditional stone fireplace
    • Wooden beams across the ceilings
    • Plush, overstuffed furniture
    • Warm, earthy tones

Impact Of Filming Locations On Storytelling

Choosing the right filming locations is like selecting the perfect backdrop for a painting.

You experience the setting as a silent character that sets the tone and influences the narrative’s authenticity.

In The Holiday, the locations are pivotal to its storytelling.

  • Contrasts Between Settings: You witness how Los Angeles and Surrey (specifically Shere and Godalming) mirror the protagonists’ lives.
    • The sunny, sprawling L.A. mansion reflects Amanda’s glamorous but complicated life, whereas Iris’s cozy cottage in Surrey symbolizes warmth and simplicity.
  • Cultural Impact: Your perception of the characters’ journeys is enhanced by their surroundings.
    • As Iris navigates through the hustle of L.A., and Amanda seeks solace in the serene English countryside, you feel their emotional transformation influenced by their new environments.
  • Symbolism: Locations are used symbolically to highlight character development.
    • The choice of places like Holmbury Hill and the cobbled streets of Godalming provides a quaint contrast to the glitz of Los Angeles, subtly steering your emotions and the characters’ arcs.

Guided Tours and Fan Visitations

If you’re a fan of The Holiday, you might be thrilled to know that you can visit some of the picturesque filming locations from this beloved movie.

While full-fledged guided tours specifically for The Holiday might not be commonplace, several services offer tours of Hollywood, and you can request stops at locations used in the film, particularly in the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles, California

  • Amanda’s Mansion: You can drive by the exterior of the grand house, although it is private property, so respect the owner’s privacy.
  • Sony Studios: Book a studio tour to see where the interior scenes of Amanda’s house were filmed.

Surrey, UK

  • Shere Village: Take a stroll through this charming English village, where some quaint scenes were captured.
  • Godalming and Guildford: While there might not be official tours, these locations are open for you to explore at your leisure.

London, UK

  • Walk along the Queen’s Walk/South Bank to see locations like those Iris walked through in the film.
LocationAvailable Visits
Los AngelesExterior views, Studio tours (Sony Studios)
Shere, SurreySelf-guided visits, Public areas
GodalmingSelf-guided visits, Public areas
South Bank, LondonPublic walkways, Landmarks close by

Key Takeaways

  • Primary Locations: Your favorite scenes from “The Holiday” were filmed in two main countries. In the U.S., Los Angeles, California, features prominently. Notably, Amanda’s luxurious house is set in a real mansion in San Marino, California.
    • Meanwhile, several scenes take the characters through picturesque spots in England.
  • Specific Sites in the U.K.: As you rewatch the film, scenes that unfold in a quintessential English village were filmed in Surrey, England. London also serves as a backdrop, with locations like the South Bank, which are pivotal to Iris’s story.
  • California Dreaming: The towering mansion that becomes Kate Winslet’s character’s temporary abode is actually located at 1883 Orlando Road in San Marino. The architecture epitomizes Californian grandeur, with its Mediterranean influences and modern amenities.
  • Filming Authenticity: The Holiday commits to authenticity by shooting in locations that resonate with the narrative. Take Malta, for instance, where certain television adaptations set in the country are actually filmed there to preserve the story’s integrity.