Where Is All Creatures Great And Small Filmed?

“Where is All Creatures Great and Small filmed?” is a question you may have asked while watching television.

All Creatures Great and Small, the cherished TV series adapted from James Herriot’s renowned book series, brings to life the adventures of a veterinary surgeon in the Yorkshire Dales.

You might find yourself enchanted by the rolling hills and quaint village scenes, marvelling at the authenticity of the backdrop.

The production team has skillfully selected real Yorkshire locations to stand in for the fictional village of Darrowby.

They chose spots that resonate with the time period and atmosphere of Herriot’s beloved tales.

As you watch the show, you may become curious about the picturesque settings and wonder how each scene captures the essence of rural Yorkshire so beautifully.

From the bustling village square to the peaceful rural countryside, each frame of the series plays a role in storytelling.

Yorkshire’s own Grassington is transformed into the heart of Darrowby, and nearby locales such as Thirsk, Skipton, and Hardraw contribute their own unique charms to the on-screen version of Herriot’s world.

The cozy pubs, traditional shops, and historic buildings of these towns don’t just provide a backdrop; they’re a window into a bygone era.

The Drovers Arms pub, the facade of Skeldale House, and the sweeping landscapes all tell a story of their own, inviting you to step into a world where the simplicity of country life meets the rich tapestry of human and animal narratives.

If you’re a fan of the series, exploring these real-life filming locations might just be the perfect adventure to see where the magic of All Creatures Great and Small is made.

Where Is All Creatures Great and Small Filmed?

All Creatures Great and Small is filmed across various picturesque locations in the Yorkshire Dales, bringing to life the charming world of James Herriot’s stories.

The series uses real towns and landscapes to create the fictional Darrowby.

Yorkshire Dales

The show captures the natural beauty of northern England, set against the stunning, unspoiled countryside of the Yorkshire Dales.

This region is known for its rolling hills, valleys, and traditional stone villages that provide an authentic 1930s rural setting.

Village of Askrigg

Your journey through the filming locations would not be complete without a stop in Askrigg, a village that plays a significant part in the series.

This village doubles as part of the fictional village of Darrowby, and its period buildings add to the charm and historical appeal of the show.


As a bustling market town, Skipton contributes its own flavor to the series, with its well-preserved period buildings and local landmarks.

The high street and surrounding areas are often featured, showcasing Skipton’s timeless architecture and vibrant community atmosphere.

Iconic Filming Settings

When you’re tracing the steps of “All Creatures Great and Small,” you’ll find the picturesque Yorkshire Dales playing a prominent role. These settings aren’t just backdrops but are pivotal to the show’s charm and historically accurate feel.

Siegfried’s Practice

Siegfried Farnon’s veterinary practice, the center stage for much of the show’s activity, is as authentic as it gets.

In reality, The Kings Arms in Askrigg serves as the exterior for the iconic practice.

This site allows you to step into the fictional world of Darrowby and experience where the series’ heartwarming animal and human interactions take place.

Darrowby Village

The quaint and bustling village of Darrowby is actually the real-life market town of Grassington.

The town square and surrounding streets are periodically transformed to replicate the 1930s era.

Here, you can roam the same cobblestone streets as the beloved characters, making it a must-visit for fans to fully immerse themselves in the show’s setting.

Production Details

When you explore the filming of “All Creatures Great and Small,” you’ll find a meticulous dedication to detail in both set design and period authenticity.

These elements coalesce to transport you back to the 1930s era in the Yorkshire Dales.

Set Design

Your journey through the series will feel genuine, as the set design captures the essence of the original Skeldale House, located at 23 Kirkgate in Thirsk.

The production team goes to great lengths to ensure that each location mirrors the beloved veterinary practice where Alf Wight, also known as James Herriot, once worked.

  • Primary Set: The real Skeldale House
  • Key Elements: Veterinary clinic setups, 1930s decor
  • Attention to Detail: Careful selection of props and color schemes

Period Authenticity

To truly honor the time period, period authenticity is paramount.

Everything from the costumes to the props is chosen with an eye for the 1930s aesthetic.

This allows you to feel immersed in the era, right down to the smallest detail.

  • Costume Design: Authentic materials and designs reflective of the 1930s
  • Props and Vehicular Choices: Period-appropriate equipment and cars

Authentic Period Locations:

  • Yorkshire Dales: The heart of filming
  • Thirsk: Inspiration for the fictional town of Darrowby

By focusing on these aspects, the production ensures that “All Creatures Great and Small” feels like a true step back in time.

Visitor Information

When you plan your visit to the captivating filming locations of “All Creatures Great and Small,” you’ll discover a mix of public access and organized tours that allow you to step into the picturesque world of Darrowby.

Public Access

Grassington acts as the stand-in for the fictional town of Darrowby in the series.

As a visitor, you are free to wander the charming streets of Grassington and explore its beauty at your leisure.

Many of the locations used in filming, such as the village square, are open to the public as they are part of the actual town.

  • Skeldale House: While visible from the public areas, please remember that this is a private residence and respect the owner’s privacy.
  • Pubs and Shops: The multiple pubs and quaint shops around Grassington welcome visitors, providing an authentic taste of rural England.

Guided Tours

To enhance your experience, consider joining a guided tour that focuses on “All Creatures Great and Small” locations:

  • Organized Tours: A variety of local companies offer guided tours where you can learn behind-the-scenes details and trivia about the series.
  • Planning: It’s advisable to book these tours in advance, as they can fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Key Takeaways

  • Yorkshire Dales: The primary setting for All Creatures Great and Small is the picturesque Yorkshire Dales in northern England.
    • You’ll find most of the outdoor scenes showcasing expansive landscapes here.
  • Grassington: The village of Grassington stands in for the fictional Darrowby.
    • Skeldale House, prominently featured in the series, is a key location, although its rear exterior is elsewhere.
  • Private Property: While visiting, remember that Skeldale House is on private property.
    • Respect for residents’ privacy is paramount.
  • Arncliffe: For certain shots, the village of Arncliffe substitutes for Grassington, providing the exterior needed for the show.
  • Askrigg: This village was used for filming in the original BBC adaptation of the series, with notable landmarks like the King’s Arms, which is featured as The Drovers’ Inn.
Relevant Town/VillageFeatured Location in Show
GrassingtonDarrowby, Skeldale House
ArncliffeRear of Skeldale House
AskriggSkelldale House, The Drovers’ Inn
  • When enjoying these filming locations, immerse yourself in the local charm, visit the cozy pubs, and stroll through beautiful countryside walks.
  • However, always ensure to respect the privacy of the locations that are private properties.