Where Is Heartbeat Filmed?

If you watch shows with beautiful sceneries, you might be curious where is Heartbeat filmed.

Heartbeat, a beloved British TV drama, is lauded for its comforting storytelling and picturesque setting.

If you’ve enjoyed the scenic backdrops of the fictitious Yorkshire villages Ashfordly and Aidensfield, you’re likely interested in the real locations that brought these places to life on screen.

Heartbeat is filmed in the North Riding area of Yorkshire.

The moors, countryside, and villages provide the perfect stand-in for the Heartbeat universe.

The series was filmed in the North Riding area of Yorkshire, where the moors, countryside, and villages provide the perfect stand-in for the Heartbeat universe.

Where Is Heartbeat Filmed?

You might feel nostalgic as you uncover the real-world locations of the beloved TV series “Heartbeat.”

The show’s backdrop was crafted amid the stunning vistas of North Yorkshire, bringing the fictional village of Aidensfield to life.

North Yorkshire

Heartbeat takes place in the picturesque settings of North Yorkshire.

This region is renowned for its charming rural landscapes, which serve as the perfect embodiment of the show’s fictional setting.

North Yorkshire’s expansive moors and quaint villages have been key in establishing the authentic and inviting atmosphere of “Heartbeat.”


When you visit Goathland, you’re stepping into the heart of “Heartbeat” country.

This village is not just a scenic spot in the moors; it was transformed into Aidensfield for the series.

  • Aidensfield Arms: In reality, the Goathland Hotel served as the Aidensfield Arms, the village’s iconic pub.
  • Aidensfield Garage: Scripps Garage was transformed for the show and is located in Goathland, alongside other familiar sites like the village stores.
  • Railway Station: Goathland Station is recognized for its role as the Aidensfield train station within the series.

You can access Goathland by car or train, making it a convenient and exciting excursion for fans of “Heartbeat.”

Historic Locations

When you explore the filming locations of “Heartbeat,” you immerse yourself in the history that wraps around every corner of the charming settings that brought the show to life.


Aidensfield, the fictional village in “Heartbeat,” is actually Goathland, nestled within the North York Moors.

Goathland Station serves as a key historic location, having doubled as Aidensfield station in the series.

It is also recognizable as Hogsmeade Station from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

This station retains a vintage charm that transports you back to the 1960s of “Heartbeat.”

  • Goathland Hotel – Also known as The Aidensfield Arms in the show, it’s a central landmark where characters often gathered.


While the name Ashfordly doesn’t correspond to a real town, scenes depicting it included various Yorkshire locations.

The historic essence of Ashfordly is captured through buildings that portray the police station or the Ashfordly Hospital.

Keep an eye out for other sites scattered across Yorkshire, as they contribute to the fictional world of “Heartbeat” in their uniquely historic way.

  • Scripps Garage – Functions as a tangible slice of “Heartbeat” history, symbolizing the everyday life in Ashfordly.

Cinematic Techniques

In the realm of filming, techniques play a pivotal role in storytelling.

Your experience of a show like “Heartbeat” is heavily influenced by how scenes are captured and produced.

On-Site Filming

Location: Heartbeat’s authentic feel largely comes from on-site filming in the North Yorkshire Moors.

To immerse you in the era, the series utilizes:

  • Natural landscapes: Rolling moors and rustic village scenes set a visually charming stage.
  • Real-life landmarks: Goathland’s local pub, stores, and railways aren’t just decor; they’re the show’s fabric.

Studio Setups

Control and Consistency: Studio work complements on-site filming with:

  • Constructed sets: Tailored environments help recreate historical accuracy down to the finest detail.
  • Lighting and sound: On a set, technical elements are fine-tuned to enhance the mood of each scene.

Cast and Crew Insights

Heartbeat has captured your attention with its engaging drama and endearing characters.

This section peeks behind the curtain, giving you insights from the actors and directors who brought the series to life.

Actors’ Perspectives

The actors of Heartbeat brought a range of characters to life, offering you a dose of nostalgia intertwined with gripping storylines.

Nick Berry, recognized for his role as PC Nick Rowan, reminisced about the show’s unique filming location in Goathland, which enhanced the authenticity of their performances.

The actors often interact with the quaint village setting, creating a close-knit atmosphere reminiscent of the era portrayed in the series.

Directors’ Contributions

Directors like Gerry Mill and Roger Bamford have shaped Heartbeat’s visual storytelling.

Through their attention to detail and dedication to historical accuracy, they’ve effectively utilized the scenic landscapes of the North York Moors to transport you to a bygone era.

Their directorial decisions have been pivotal in crafting the series’ nostalgic feel, capturing both the beauty of the moorlands and the essence of the 1960s.

Behind the Scenes

As you explore the making of Heartbeat, you’ll discover that location and set design played pivotal roles in bringing the series to life.

Location Scouting

Your journey through Heartbeat’s creation starts with the scenic Yorkshire villages and rolling countryside.

Goathland, known in the show as Aidensfield, was chosen for its charming aesthetic that perfectly evokes the 1960s setting.

The Goathland Hotel, which doubles as the fictional Aidensfield Arms, is a real pub where early episodes were filmed.

This place truly made the fictional world a reality.

Set Design

As Heartbeat grew in popularity, the production shifted from on-location filming to purpose-built studio sets.

This transition allowed for greater control over the environment, where every detail, from the vintage bar taps in the Aidensfield Arms to the retro wallpaper in the characters’ homes, was carefully crafted to maintain the show’s authenticity and nostalgic charm.

Key Takeaways

Heartbeat’s Idyllic Setting

  • Your favorite scenes from Heartbeat were largely filmed in Goathland.
  • Goathland doubles as the fictional village of Aidensfield.

It’s nestled in the beauty of the North York Moors National Park.

Accessible Filming Locations

  • While the show captured the spirit of the 1960s, you can visit many of the locations easily today.
  • The Goathland Hotel, known in the series as the Aidensfield Arms, is a place you can actually have a pint.

Tourist Experience Reality

  • A trip to Whitby offers you guided tours which highlight where Heartbeat was brought to life.
  • The Whitby Railway Station appears as itself in the series.
  • It’s a useful starting point for your exploration.

Cultural Impact

Heartbeat ran for 18 years. Its cultural footprint means many fans like you continue to seek out where its heartwarming stories were filmed.

Must-Visit Spots in Goathland
Goathland Hotel (Aidensfield Arms)
Whitby Railway Station
Goathland’s village scenery

Remember, your journey to the world of Heartbeat intertwines with real histories and stories from North Yorkshire.

So, as you walk through Goathland, you’re stepping into a blend of fictional charm and true English heritage.