Where Is Make It At Market Filmed?

You may have wondered where is Make It At Market filmed.

You may have stumbled upon the charming series “Make it at Market” and found yourself captivated by the backdrop as much as the crafts showcased.

This alluring setting is the Stoneywell cottage in Ulverscroft, part of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.

This picturesque location is more than just a backdrop; it’s a character in its own right, setting the perfect scene for creativity and craftsmanship to flourish.

Designed by Ernest Gimson, an influential figure in the Arts and Crafts movement, Stoneywell reflects an era that honored handcraftsmanship and natural materials.

Now under the care of the National Trust, Stoneywell provides an authentic and fitting stage for “Make it at Market,” where modern crafters bring their skills to the limelight.

As you watch the artisans at work, it’s the synergy between the historical context of the cottage and the contemporary craftwork that adds depth to every episode.

Where Is Make It At Market Filmed?

As you explore the world of crafting through the series “Make It at Market,” you’ll discover the show’s enchanting filming locations, steeped in artistic history.

Primary Venue

Stoneywell Cottage in Ulverscroft is your primary gateway to “Make It at Market.” This cottage, nestled in Leicestershire’s Charnwood Forest, is the show’s central filming hub.

It’s part of the National Trust and resonates with history from the Arts and Crafts movement, which flourished between 1880 and 1920.

Stoneywell’s intricate design and lush gardens provide a picturesque setting, fostering inspiration for the artisans featured in the series.

Additional Spots

While the majority of Make It at Market is shot at Stoneywell Cottage, the production may occasionally highlight other places where craftspeople work and gather inspiration.

These additional spots offer a glimpse into the diverse locations that support the crafting community, further enriching the viewing experience with a variety of artistic backdrops.

Production Details

In this section, you’ll uncover the behind-the-scenes players from the producers to the casting who help bring ‘Make it at Market’ to life.

Producers and Directors

‘Make it at Market’ is a collaborative creation with the involvement of both the BBC and Flabbergast TV Ltd, ensuring the series is visually appealing and engaging for its audience.

The show’s producers and directors work tirelessly to present the world of crafting in a way that’s both educational and entertaining.

Casting and Participants

The success of ‘Make it at Market’ heavily relies on its casting.

Led by Dom Chinea, an enthusiast and professional in the world of crafts, the show handpicks talented craftspeople eager to turn their passion into profit.

These participants, alongside diverse mentors, are chosen to inspire and relate to the show’s broad audience.

Viewership And Ratings

When you tune into “Make it at Market,” you’re joining a dedicated community of viewers who appreciate creativity and craftsmanship.

The series has attracted a significant audience, thanks to its unique blend of artisanal talent and the serene backdrop of Stoneywell’s gardens.

While specific viewership numbers and ratings for “Make it at Market” are not publicly provided in the search results, the interest in traditional arts and crafts, combined with the quality production of the series, suggests a positive reception.

Shows like this tend to resonate with viewers who seek inspiring and calming content.

The airing time, typically slotted in the afternoon, suggests the series aims to capture the attention of a relaxed home audience, possibly including crafts enthusiasts and people interested in home improvement and DIY culture.

Its inclusion on platforms like BBC iPlayer also indicates an accessible avenue for viewers to catch up on episodes at their leisure, likely bolstering its overall viewership.

Legal and Copyright

When exploring the charming locations where Make it at Market is filmed, you should be aware of the legal and copyright aspects that come into play.

The series, set in the National Trust’s Stoneywell property, is protected under copyright law due to its original content and the creative efforts involved in producing it.

First, it’s important for you to understand that filming rights were secured by the BBC in order to showcase Stoneywell as the backdrop for the show.

The National Trust also has its own rules regarding the commercial use of their properties.

If you’re considering using any imagery or footage from the show:

  • Always seek permission. Contact the rights holder, which in this case would likely be the BBC or the National Trust.
  • Credit properly. If granted permission to use any content, make sure to provide the appropriate credits as stipulated by the copyright owner.
  • Understand the scope of the usage rights. They may be limited to certain platforms or purposes.

Remember, just like each piece crafted on the show, every film production is a result of creativity and deserves respect for intellectual property laws.

Whether you’re a fan looking to share your love for the show or a professional interested in the filming location, respecting these guidelines is crucial.

Key Takeaways

  • Location: Make it at Market is filmed at the National Trust’s Stoneywell in Leicestershire.
  • Historical Significance: The Arts and Crafts movement inspired Stoneywell, which was built from 1880 to 1920.
  • Setting: The crafts show uses the beautiful gardens of Stoneywell as a scenic backdrop for the craftspeople’s activities.
  • Mentorship: Presenter Dom Chinea and other mentors offer help to the participants who craft and sell their products.
  • Accessibility: Stoneywell is part of the National Trust, so it’s a protected historical site open to visitors.
  • Series Information: Season 2 of Make it at Market aired in November 2023, continuing to showcase inspirational crafting stories.