Where Is Death in Paradise Filmed?

The scenery in Death in Paradise has made fans in the UK and the world wonder: Where is Death in Paradise filmed? You cannot ignore the intriguing landscape the series presents as ‘paradise’ and its captivating natural surroundings. The question is, ‘does this island truly exist?’ and if it does, ‘where is Death in Paradise filmed?’ 

Death in Paradise is filmed in the Guadeloupe Islands under the fictional alias of Saint Marie. Though the series has a UK-based original network, the film took place on this French Island on the North American continent. The major filming of the show took place in Deshaies, Basse-Terre though the film presents it as a fictional town called Honore. 

Beneath the cloak of fiction, this beautiful landscape truly exists, and it’s just as warm as it appears in the series. Keep reading to get further answers to your question, ‘where is Death in Paradise filmed?’ 

What Is Death In Paradise?

Death in Paradise is one of the best dramas on the BBC regarding the show’s performance. It is also one of the most-watched programmes of the day, with over eight million viewers. The show follows a clumsy, eccentric British/Irish detective as he tries to solve a murder on the fictional Saint Marie. 

The detective usually has a female investigator working side-by-side with him. There are also a few junior policemen who play a more humorous role while supporting the detective as well. Since the series began in 2011, four actors have played the lead detective and two actresses, the supporting female detective.

In every episode, there is a murder on the island, and the detective arrives at the scene for observation. There are always four suspects and a resolution where the detective solves the case as a genius. Aside from the centre plot, we also see events that link the episodes, like the detective’s dating life.

Locations Where Death In Paradise Is Filmed

Guadeloupe Island

For anyone wondering, ‘where is Death in Paradise filmed?’ and if the island is a real place, it actually is. The series takes place on Guadeloupe island under the alias of Saint Marie. In the series, Saint Marie Island is supposedly a Caribbean Island with a history as a French territory. 

Guadeloupe island, in reality, is indeed within the French territory made up of six inhabited islands. Hence, we can hear them speaking French now and then. There are different locations in the series that you can find on the actual island, including Catherine’s bar and Honore’s station. 

However, you should know that the name ‘Honore’ in Saint Marie doesn’t exist and was simply made for the series. In reality, the area is known as Deshaies on the Basse-Terra Island, where they filmed many episodes. The Deshaies priest office, The Deshaies botanical garden, La Kaz restaurant, the Guadeloupe island zoo and others appeared in the series.


Now you have answers to your question, ‘where is Death in Paradise filmed?’ If you wish to be a part of the adventure for real, you can visit these welcoming locations.