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Remember the days when the term social media meant Facebook? Well those days are long gone and it seems a new network pops up everyday but only a few manage to achieve that viral effect that lead to mass uptake. The latest addition to the social media pantheon is Pinterest. Although it’s been around over a year, it’s only over the last couple of weeks Pinterest has really taken off with seemingly everyone sharing it on their wall, in their timeline or with their circles depending on which platform floats their boat. A ”a virtual pinboard” that “allows you to organize… You know, there’s a reason why autobiographies are always at the top of bestseller lists. A person’s history, retold in retrospect,  captivates readers across demographics – be it the story of a shining starlet of old Hollywood, a modern sporting icon, or a boundary pushing recording artist. Autobiographies inspire us to be great, whilst allowing us to personally connect with luminaries of the past, and the celebrities of today. The more prolific social media becomes in our everyday existence allows us to create our own autobiographies in real time. Facebook’s new timeline feature allows us to look back at ourselves… Followers of Charlie Brooker on Twitter will have noticed some pretty strange behaviour of late resulting in a significant loss of followers for the Guardian journalist & broadcaster. Here is our take on it all….