Auna DBT-1 Bluetooth Hands-Free Headphones – Review | TQS Magazine

As a big music fan – headphones are a bit of a serious game for me. I recently invested over £100 pounds in some Bose ones, the sound quality was impeccable and they were the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn to date. However – after being a happy Bose costyumer for just over a week, I managed to leave them on the train never to be seen again.

So you can imagine my delight when just a few days later, I was given the choice to review the Auna DBT-1 Bluetooth Hands-Free Headphones from Hifi Tower. (This company has really cool dj equipment too!)

I was a little too excited at the concept of wireless headphones – the novelty of walking around whilst music plays to me from another room is just too exciting, couple that with the fact that I can change tracks, answer the phone and get notifications all from the headphones and I am left feeling like a pretty cool Robo Cop.

These headphones are really great quality – they sit incredibly comfortably. I tend to wear them all day at work with no discomfort, which is really unusual. The sound quality is great and the wireless Bluetooth capacity is an excellent addition.

They’re also incredibly good value – so if you are looking for some headphones which give both the appearance and sound quality of more expensive brands – then this come high recommended!