What can Downton Abbey teach us about relationships? | TQS Magazine

Downton Abbey is famous for amazing costumes and historical intrigue but is there a deeper meaning viewers can glean from following the show? The romantic relationships are a central part of this popular series and there is much to be explored in the stories of love, compassion and connection. Here are some real-life relationship lessons to be found in this post-Edwardian drama.

Be honest 

When Edith was left at the altar, many viewers of the show might have seen it coming but it was still devastating to watch. Her relationship was fraught at best and she didn’t ever want to discuss Anthony’s concerns. If she had been honest with herself (and her husband-to-be) the situation could have been avoided. It’s never a good idea to get into a relationship without knowing what it is you both want.

Don’t blame your partner 

When Sybil dies after giving birth, Lady Cora initially blames her husband, Robert, as he had ignored her advice on consulting the doctor who knew her the best. Her bitterness and resentment nearly drives them to part, however they eventually reconcile. Relationships can suffer terrible strain from tragic life events – it helps if you can avoid placing blame and instead help each other to cope.

Treasure what you have

The tragic death of Sybil also highlighted another important aspect of being in a relationship – you can’t take anything for granted. While Downton Abbey deals with more death than the average couple in real life, it’s worth remembering to be thankful for every day you have with your partner.

Long distance can work

When Mr Bates was sent to prison after being wrongly accused of murder, Anna’s dedication meant that they were able to continue the relationship despite spending so much time apart. Of course, most long-distance couples don’t have to put up with such dramatic circumstances but there are still plenty of challenges to living in different cities! As long as you both want to make a commitment, there is every chance the relationship will flourish.

When real life takes its toll

Relationships can be hard work, and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Whether you met your partner through friends or through eHarmony.co.uk, it’s a good idea to clue yourself up on common relationship issues so that you can work through them together.

For anyone looking for guidance, there are plenty of resources for relationship advice available online. Before you decide to look for love or make a commitment, it’s a good idea to bear certain things in mind. For the best chance for your relationship to succeed, be prepared to put some work into it.