TV blog | TQS Magazine – Part 6

Welcome to a new feature at TQS. Benedict Watch is a new column where we keep you up to date with the most important of current events – what’s going on with Benedict Cumberbatch. The inaugural post is on the subject of Parade’s End, his latest high-quality BBC drama venture.

A few weeks agree we brought you 100 movie characters drawn on Microsoft paint drawn by @I_nesbot. Well now he’s back with his latest pixealated creations: 100 carton characters!

The big question is: what happens next? Whatever happens in Season 7 of Dexter, you can be sure it will be tense.

It’s episode 3 and finally we’ve hit danger and romance! Read our thoughts on Hit and Miss Episode 3 here.

Here at TQS, we were as much taken with the confusion motion capture could cause as we were with the technology itself. So, we’ve been thinking about what other havoc we could create using only a Samsung SmartTV and our fantastic ingenuity

Great clothes, identity issues & a cross-dressing child (inappropriate?) – Hit and Miss picks up the pace in episode two.

The BBC have released an iPlayer performance report for Q1 of 2012 providing information on: demographcis, viewing times and sources but here at TQS we only really care about one thing; what are the top 10 programmes on BBB iPlayer in 2012 so far?

Our very own series blog of Sky Atlantic’s new show Hit and Miss. As we were introduced to transgender hit girl Mia, our burning question was how did she get the blood out of those silk blouses

New Channel 4 show Hidden Talent examined extreme mental feats last night – now their sponsors American Express are giving you the chance to win a place on a work-life balance seminar.

Remember last week when we covered the launch of the new social TV app TVcheck? Well now they’ve teamed up with BBC talent show The Voice to run an exclusive competition.