How Watching Your Favourites Shows Is Becoming More Accessible | TQS Magazine

Remember those days when watching TV meant flicking through a billion channels, hoping against hope that you might just come across something half-way decent? Where you’d have to scour the TV guides and pencil in nights to stay in to catch up on that hot new series – or face trying to figure out how to unlock the wizardry of a DVD recorder? Shudder. Thankfully we can put those memories of the dark ages behind us.

In the past year, we’ve gotten to enjoy making our TV work for us – rather than the other way around. Instead of waiting for our favourite shows to finally come on, or planning evenings around TV schedules, it’s been great to be able to switch on to what you want to watch – and decide when you want to watch it. One of the great things about Virgin Media’s power of the network is how easy it is to make up your own TV schedule – and cut out all the filler that you don’t want to watch. The good news is, in 2014, catching up on your favourite TV is going to become easier and more enjoyable than ever.

For starters, get used to watching TV anywhere you want. Get up to speed with all the hot goss on Albert Square on the bus home from work, or relax in the park with a tablet and a slice of hot US drama. The power of the network with Virgin means you can take your TV where you want to – all you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and a broadband or Wifi connection. Catch up on last night’s shows, or browse through what’s on – and you don’t need to be anywhere near a flat screen to do it.

As well as simply watching TV wherever you want, you can also make sure you stay in control of the box too. In the coming year, look forward to managing your TV schedule from wherever you are in the world – without worrying about missing a second of your favourite shows. Don’t want to miss that fascinating documentary while you’re away on your hols? All you need is a handy app on your phone, and you can log on and record in seconds without a fuss. You’ll even be able to manage you box and clear out old shows you’ve already seen – without being anywhere near your home TV screen.

But the thing we’re looking forward to most of all in 2014? 3D TV. Re-defining the meaning of ‘home cinema’, you won’t need to trek out to your local multiplex or IMAX screen to feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action. With 3D ready TV boxes, you can make the most of the growing number of films and shows shot in 3D, and get all the excitement of vivid, lifelike experiences, right in the comfort of your lounge.