TQS x Sinstar | TQS Magazine

It’s been a little while since we featured Sinstar Clothing on TQS Magazine, and the two of us have come quite a way. Back then we didn’t even feature our faces in the shoots. Now? Well, for the photos below we thought we’d rummage around the grounds of a disused mental hospital. No really. It was terrifying.

And Sinstar? As you can see below, they are just as brilliant as they were last year. We still love their brash, bold designs, and the dash of humour that’s creeping in too. A few other cool new additions to the site you should check out: the homepage, with MOVING. GIFS. (dream), the range they’ve done with Front Magazine, that aren’t for the faint of heart, and are barely SFW, and the Lucky Dip box. We’d love to see more brands doing the latter – perfect for picky fashionistas, and a great alternative to a voucher. Take a look.

Our picks for the shoot was the brilliantly cool Panda Party shirt, and a couple of upside down cross tops. One of which features a galaxy print, which we’re heading out in teamed with ridiculously over the top gold chains and high tops. Go on, try to tell us we’re too old for this. We don’t care.

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