Men's Fashion Finds #23: Oppermann London | TQS Magazine

Accessories were our first fashion love. Way back when we were taking our tentative steps out of the world of Spice Girls merchandise and being dressed by mum, accessories were where our independence as a Person Who Can Dress Themselves began. Sure, we were in a goth phase, so accessories back then were considered desirable for the amount and/or length of spikes they contained, or if the lead singer of Cradle of Filth was wearing one on the cover of Kerrang! that week. But as we grew older, and explored the high street, bags, belts, wallets, hats and scarves is where we’d spend the money the Government gave the poor kids to spend on textbooks. It was a way into a fashion world that still scared us a bit, allowing us to play with trends and style identities without the risk of jumping in with both feet and looking like a twat, or worse, like your older brother.

Whilst we’re a bit more confident with our wardrobe choices now, our passion for a good accessory hasn’t gone away. Fashion photography, particularly across blogs and Pinterest, has seen a resurgant interest in the finer details, with close up shots of lapel pins, satchels and shoelaces social media fodder each time London Collections: Men rolls around. And those creating accessories seemed to have upped their game in response to this, taking a more considered and suave approach to everyday essentials.

You can imagine our joy, then, when Oppermann London stumbled into our wake. Niklas and Mattis Oppermann, two Swedish-born German brothers based in London, create leather bags and accessories based around the motto ‘Swedish design, German quality, and British eccentricity.’ Which, frankly, is the best fashion trio we could ask for. And the products speak for themselves – just look at the photos below and indulge yourself in some real product porn. Simple, clean lines, simplistic, understated designs and high quality fabrics. Could these be any more perfect? No, no they could not.

Explore your love for accessories even further by visiting their website, or saying hello on Facebook, where you can bag 10% off too.

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