Top 5 gifts for the stylish chap | TQS Magazine

You may have already seen our Christmas Guide for men (and if you haven’t, where have you been!?), but we thought you might need a little extra help when it came to buying for the man in your life who’s a bit more fashion forward than the rest:

Cufflinks & collar pins

Cufflinks are a staple in any man’s accessories arsenal, but he might be new to the world of collar pins and collar tips. These went crazy on the old fashion blogs this year, and are slowly dripping into high street fashion’s consciousness. We love the old Wild West feel a tip can give to a shirt, and the pins are a great way of subtly updating an old favourite.

Pants & socks

Maybe we’re wrong, but we can’t be any more of an advocate for pants and socks as Christmas presents. Us men hate buying socks, and our feet are probably much colder than we’re letting on, so do everyone a favour and treat him to an especially warm, especially special pair – we recommend thick, natural wools in festive colours. And when it comes to pants – stick with the big brands, stick with his favourite cut, and he’s sure to thank you later.


You don’t have to pay the earth for a decent watch these days, so getting a nice one for him this Christmas shouldn’t be a bank breaker. We’re a bit fan of monochrome, matt finish watches – keeping it simple means you’re keeping it safe. Unless your boyfriend is Flava Flav, don’t bling out his forearms, and stick to something that’ll sit easily with most of his wardrobe.


Cameras are another one of those gifts that are getting more and more affordable – but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a digital camera like everyone else. Analogue, film cameras are where it’s at – as are build your own cardboard ones. Keep him busy and all that. Utterly hipster and achingly cool, if he’s that way inclined.


Last but not least, the headphone. Probably the most underrated fashion accessory, we’re all about form over function when it comes to these bad boys. Buy bright, oversized ones in his favourite colour to brighten up his Christmas morning and his morning commute.

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