Men's Fashion Finds #19: Syndicut Boxers | TQS Magazine

Gawd, the weather’s awful, isn’t it? When the January blues (and snow) hit, there’s little that’ll put a smile on your face. Well, we’re going to try, nonetheless, through the most fail safe way to put a smile on anyone’s face on a gloomy Tuesday – a hot man in some nice pants. We’ve know about Syndicut Boxers for a little while now, and once you see what they have to offer, you’re going to berate us for keeping them to ourselves for so long.

Pants, boxers, briefs – whatever you call them and whatever you wear, we bet you’ve not got anything as swanky as these in your underwear draw. A long neglected facet of fashion it might be (we’ve been writing Fashion Finds for almost a year and it’s the first we’ve mentioned an underwear brand), but that’s no reason it shouldn’t get just as much consideration as the rest of your outfit.

And it’s just that – consideration – which makes us love Syndicut so much. Not only a pair of boxers, but a considered pair – a pair that’s been created by an emerging designer, a pair that’s 100% cotton, and a pair that’s so important it comes in it’s own special pouch thing. Swanky or what? The designs themselves are fantastic – bright, bold and vibrant. They make getting dressed on a morning fun again – and with a good base you’re bound to be more experimental, more passionate and, well, lively, in your clothing choices for the day. And that’s never a bad thing, is it?

Anyway, we’ll stop rambling, and let you enjoy the goods. And by goods we mean the pants, obvz. Be sure to say hello to them on Twitter.