Top 10 X Factor Final Tweets | TQS Magazine

So last night we really did face the music with some pretty dire renditions of Damien Rice’s Cannonball and we have Little Mix as our new champions. However, much more entertaining than the actual show are the Twitterati’s quips, observations and witticisms. Here’s our top 10:

10. Scottish comedian @robertflorence up first with his reason why he just can’t get behind Coldplay:

9. Showbiz journalist @donwooton up next perfectly summing up the unfairness of the X Factor not even mentioning Marcus’ boyfriend of four years choosing instead to feature, amognst others, a girl whose hair he’d once cut:

8. @themediatweets takes the number 8 spot with their headline suggestion, unfortunately none of the red tops ran with it:

7. Twitterite (like socialite, but on Twitter) @Katie_khan comes next with her pessimistic (but probable) Nevermind The Buzzcocks prediction:

6. Another serious one, this time from ‘graduate unemplyment champion’ @graduatefog (you can read the blog post here)

5. @TyronWilson comes in at number 5 with his insight into Kelly Rowland’s mind:

4. Student @LittleMarxist up next with a sure fire way to get absolutely off your face:

3. The satirical (or is it?) @KatieWeasel account hits the nail of cradle-snatching head at number 3:

2. Pop music journalist and blogger @popjustice is just pipped to the post with his concise, yet 100% accurate reaction to Cannonball being the winner’s single:

1. Our absolute favourite has to be this hilarious Sky + screenshot captured by the eagle-eyed @Martinoleary:

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