TK Maxx #doyourthing | TQS Magazine

“Want to come to a silent disco in TK Maxx?’

“Erm, yeah, course we do”

Is pretty much how the conversation went a couple of weeks ago when TK Maxx invited us to their #doyourthing event in the (massive) Leeds store. We rocked up, grabbed a drink and donned some very un-fashion looking headphones. It wasn’t long before the DJ was picking us out from across the store as we were reluctantly dragged into the middle of a silent shopper disco on a late Thursday afternoon. Inhibited, us? Well, yes, very. But after a few minutes we got into the swing of things, and were soon doing a new dance, which we’ve dubbed ‘the browse shuffle’. It’s interesting how quickly you can get used to dancing in a shop, generally bopping along as you have a finger through the rails. It’s the perfect match for TK Maxx and thier personality – quirky, individual, and 100% uninhibited. If we could get all shops on the high street to give us headphones on the way in that’d be ace – not only so we’re no deafend by the lack of volume contol in the likes of Topman (reading this Topman? You are TOO LOUD), but also to make IRL shopping just that little more fun again. Just what we need these days – props, TK Maxx, props.

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