Women's Fashion: Golden Globe Best (and worst) | TQS Magazine

Winning a Golden Globe is an envious accolade; it’s recognition of hard work, commitment and talent.

Dressing for the Golden Globes, however, can be much harder.

This Year’s Best

Jennifer Lawrence

Lovely red dress, enviously tiny nipped in waist, understated smoky eye. Well done, Jennifer. You look annoyingly lovely.

Anne Hathaway

Pretty, demure, understanted and lovely. Though, is it just me or is this a little more blushing bride than red carpet siren?

Lucy Liu

Ridiculous, over the top, a little bit scary and amazing.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson: on sexy steroids.

Helen Mirren

Can she do no wrong?!

Emily Blunt

Fun, unique, colourful, sexy, demure. Emily Blunt has defied fashion physics.

The Worst

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham, drowning in satin.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba = Peach Melba

Rachel Weisz

Oh sorry Rachel but…this is just horrible.

Halle Berry

It’s all been down hill for Halle after that dodgy footwear ad.

Brooke Anderson

You’re at the Golden Globes, Brooke. Not Tiger Tiger.