The TQS Summer Shopping List | TQS Magazine

Recently we wrote about what we were lusting over for the summer months. Namely, leather. Glorious, raise your middle finger at the warm weather leather. Sweaty? Yes. Care? Absolutely not. Now we’ve ticked that off the list, we thought about what other things we’ve still to secure for our outfit arsenal before June hits. Here’s our top five, and a little indulgent show off of the leather treat we’re rocking at the moment. All black in the sun? Kanye, eat your heart out.

1. Printed trousers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our number one obsession this summer is finding the perfect set of printed trousers. The high street (and, in fact, the internets) has been a pretty lacklustre affair in this department so far, but we’re not losing faith. What we have found is that in the PJ bottoms department is FULL of amazing patterns. Paisley, floral or jazzy, if you’re brave enough to step out in extremely thin fabric,this might be an option for you. We’re holding out for a holy grail, and reckon it’s going to be worth it. See some? TWEET US AND WE’LL REWARD YOU GREATLY. With a tweet back probs.

2. Smart shorts

Another mission we’re on this summer is to find a pair of shorts that are office friendly. Working in a dress down office is great but when it comes to smartish shorts, we’re stumped. Some are too short, some aren’t a heavy enough fabric, and don’t even talk to us about chino shorts. Gross. Finding the right pair is going to be a task, but we’re all over it. In our head the perfect pair of pastel, linen, mid-to-lower thigh length shorts exist  – we just need to make these dreams a reality.

3. The perfect set of sunglasses

One we’ve ticked off the list. Usually we stick to cheap pairs but after having them break or fall apart on us, we’ve brought out the big guns: Ray Bans. Teal, obvz, and in a classic style. Everyone needs a decent pair of sunglasses in their life, even if you’re prone to sitting on them or leaving them on the bus. With festivals and beer gardens gently whispering ‘join us’ in your ear, you’ll need something to a) look cool in the sun, and b) to hide your hungover eyes, so get investing.

4. Decent denim

Whilst we’re pretty au fait when it comes to jeans and shorts (vintage Levis cut off to the thigh are a summer staple), we’ve yet to get our hands on a jacket. We’re a bit reluctant to get one of the Topman / ASOS acid wash, just ‘cos everyone else has, so we’re looking for something similar, but less cookie cutter. As tempting as it is, don’t try to acid wash or bleach your own. We’ve been there. We’ve bought the new washing machine when it all went tits up.

5. A teal treat

Pastels, summer. Same old same old. We’re so used to hearing this it feels like reading a fashion magazine is like visiting your great aunt who tells you the same story about your dad’s motorbike for the FOUR HUNDREDTH TIME. Straight ‘lads’ in ‘ironic’ pink pastel ain’t cutting it either, which is why we gun for something teal each summer. Easy to pull off, different to everyone else, and a fresher taste on mint. Try it, you’ll be a teal convert before you know it.