Men's Fashion Finds #18: London Collections: Men special | TQS Magazine

It’s a Fashion Finds special, with our top five amazing fashion moments from London Collections: Men. We bloody love London Collections: Men. It’s great to see Britian putting such effort, resource and passion into menswear. Makes us proud and all that. So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know:

1. Orange and teal are going to be very, very big

It’s a tricky one, orange. We saw the high street flirt with darker shades this winter, but this time next year expect to not be able to move for the stuff. We’re still not quite sure how we feel about it. It’s out of our hands though, clearly, and the past few days has felt like all the designers were texting each other on the sly: ‘Go on chuck something orange in, let’s make a trend’. There were a million different shades, but our favourites came in the form of accessories, with Agi & Sam at the MAN show and their gloves, along with Oliver Spencer’s bag making the biggest impression. Insert reference to vitamin C here. And much to our Editor’s joy – teal is also going to be up there. Not a very A/W shade, but it’s very welcome. We loved Christopher Raeburn’s sportsteal (new word for you there) the best.

agi-sam-christopher-raeburn-london-collections-men-731x1024-3184893Agi & Sam, Christopher Raeburn

2. Texture is amazing

It’s collections like Baartmans and Siegel and Qasimi that really get your mouth watering for fashion. Collections that really make you excited about menswear. Clearly the toast of the past few days, Baartmans and Siegel create garments that exude quality. Their furs, tweeds and wools are to die for – beautifully executed and perfect to protect you from the notoriously cold English weather. And relative menswear newcomer Qasimi had his first outing on the British stage, showcasing an impressive line of pieces, with heavy fabrics and intimidatingly harsh lines. One to watch.


Baartmans and Siegel, Qasimi

3. Prints & patterns, also big

Sometimes we despair at prints and patterns from the big names in menswear. This time last year we expected the Jil Sander rip offs to crop up here there and everywhere on the high street – and actually, we were wrong. Sure, we saw a couple of misguided attempts at replica motifs, but perhaps we’re just being cynical. We must be wrong – because a veritable army of designers decided to use simple, striking patterns and prints. Our faves? The king of prints, Christopher Kane, of course. Frankenstein? Why not. Massively oversized, would-probably-cause-severe-neck-pain leopard print scarves? We’ll have two ta. We also loved the chic and understated JW Anderson jumpers, as ever, and we’re just about as obsessed with James Long’s Divine jumpers as he is with John Waters.

christopher-kane-james-long-london-collections-men-731x1024-1574633James Long, Christopher Kane

4. ‘Does this come in a size bigger?’

We’ve recently been feeling quite jealous of skinny little hipsters, revelling in their youth and good looks, being able to pull off, well, frankly, anything they want. It seems now-a-days, that the size of clothes doesn’t matter. In fact, big, baggy t-shirts haven’t been this cool since, well, the 90s. Yup, we reckon the nineties are coming back. And if this week’s been anything to go by, it’s coming back in about 6 months time. Large, oversized tailoring was a theme on the catwalk – particularly wide check and the baggy MC Hammer pants we saw at the Topman Design show. We’re not sure if we’re ready for this just yet, but it doesn’t look like we’ve much choice. We did, however, quite like Sibling’s approach of ‘Go big or go home’, with the ultimate in fashion impracticality and cable knit. Try Instagramming your dinner a pair of these bad boys.

sibling-topman-design-london-collections-men-731x1024-9251173Topman Design, Sibling

5. Lou Dalton and Christopher Shannon are amazing

That is all.

lou-dalton-christopher-shannon-london-collections-men-731x1024-3426911Lou Dalton, Christopher Shannon

All photos from London Collections: Men.