The Denim Dilema | TQS Magazine

I have a confession. Jeans scare me. In fact, anything that covers my hairy sparrow legs makes me uncomfortable. That’s not to say I’m half a nudist: as someone who spends a lot (and I mean a lot) of time thinking of, looking at and writing about men’s fashion, I’ve never quite got my head around the lower half. Give me t shirts, shirts, jumpers, blazers and coats and I’ll be fine – I can talk for hours, and get incredibly excited. There’s something about jeans, trousers, or, dare I say it ‘chinos’ (shudder) that I’ve never quite ‘got’ – sure I know what looks good on other people, and can navigate my way around a french fly like a pro (ahem), but in terms of dressing myself, I’ve always struggled.

Upon discovering the skinny jean about ten years ago, my life changed – no longer did I have to worry about my awkward shape or getting them to sit at the right length for my shoe height (yup, really that anal) – I could just bung on a pair of black skinnies and get out the door. The worked with my colour palette and my general style. Couple of problems have started to appear as I’ve gotten older though: 1) I wear a lot of grey and black, and often turn up to work looking like I’m about to start a bar shift, or worse, like I’m doing the walk of shame 2) I’m 25, I should own more than one pair of wearable jeans and 3) I am no longer an emo teenager.

Whilst I’m not getting rid of them just yet (I’m like a toddler with that blanket they’ll never let go of) – I am branching out. I’m retrying some of the jeans and trousers at the back of my wardrobe – even the pastel pink ones, to see what works and what doesn’t (aka the pastel pink ones), and I’m trying the same considered approach to my lower half as I do my top. As a result of this, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect blue denim – something that’s a bit more suitable for work (I work in the creative industry, it’s like the uniform), and something that’s more, frankly, age appropriate. These beauties are from Burton, and I love them. They’ve got a nice American worker feel to them, and as September’s hit I’ve been breaking out my lighter jumpers to go with. I think I’ve found my thing for AW13. Ace.

Are you stuck in the same denim dilemma? Or are you a jean junkie?