Roll up this winter | TQS Magazine

There are some facets of menswear people are still very hot and cold about. Take waistcoats. You’re either on the boat, team three piece, or you’re still trying to get over that phase in the early 2000s where people took to wearing them over t shirts on a night out. Roll necks (or polo necks, or turtle necks. Whatever you’re Googling, we’re ticking the box), seem to be seeing a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and with it, they’re dividing opinion. Wearing one of these to office, we were called everything from chic, to a science teacher. That’s not to say science teachers can’t be chic, just look at how much we try to dress like one. We’re all about the roll neck this year, so we took our favourites and indulged in a little stereotypical photography. Leaves = A/W. Genius.

We’ve pulled together a set of jumpers to suit all price brackets, so whether you’re looking to fill a stocking, or pull out all the stops, we forcefully recommend joining the side of the toasty necks this Christmas.

Both Peter Hahn, from £85

Musto, from £120

Clockwise from left: Peter Hahn (see above), Edinburgh Wollen Will, from £10, Peter Hahn (see above).