Men’s Fashion Finds #5: Dots Printhaus | TQS Magazine

Coming back to our hometown on the men’s fashion blog this fortnight, we’re taking a look at a new printhouse (or ‘printhaus’ if you’re going to follow the branding, or if you’re German perhaps) that’s popped up in Leeds. With a new site and a new Twitter feed, it looks like Dots is taking a few tentative steps into that there internet.

So why did we decide to feature a print and illustrators service instead of our regular sartorial ware? Well, to keep you on your toes primarily, but also to highlight some lovely local talent. Men’s Fashion Finds here at TQS is all about supporting independent ventures so we’re thrilled to feature them – and what’s more, they do some cracking tees.

Not content with designing and printing for a bevy of clients, they also create some tees for sale on their website. Genius really – “Where’d you get that ace shirt” “Oh, from this printHAUS called Dots” “Sch-weet, I actually was gonna get some stuff printed for my new clubnight / gallery opening / kitten sanctuary, now I know who to call” MARKETING 101, KIDS.

Now we’re not going to lie TQS-ers, some of these prints are a bit, well, blue. No, we’re not afraid of that particular colour, we mean like, they’d make your Gran blush, if she could make out the smut that’s implied in some of the pixelated motifs. Our inner-Greer had a right tut at some of the designs, but if look beyond them, there’s some bloody good gems.

We particularly liked the Optical Illusion t-shirts, which we reckon would look impressive in The Club (a good club, not a JLS ‘Everybody in The Club’ club) – they reminded us a bit of Bridget Riley. They’ve also got a cracking sense of humour too – we enjoyed these Space Vader QR code, Superman Sperm and ‘OMG you look well fit today’ tops. Unique picks which won’t break the bank – just what we like to see.

You can shop at their site, and follow them on Twitter.