The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert | TQS Magazine

Priscilla is one of the all-time LGBT movie greats and a must see for anyone interested in Queer cinema, the film has enjoyed massive success and is widely regarded as one of Australia’s greatest exports (Neighbours excluded of course) and has recently even been adapted into a West End show which has been very well received by critics and fans of the movie alike.

The 1994 comedy-drama traces the epic journey of 3 drag queens across the Australian desert, following Anthony ‘’Tick’’ Belrose, and his friends Bernadette, a recently bereaved transsexual woman and Adam, a very flamboyant drag queen who goes by the name of Felicia, in their bus, the eponymous Priscilla.

The journey is full of laughs and musical numbers with lavish costumes but the film isn’t afraid to also tackle some more serious issues such as; grief, homophobia, drug use and gay parenting. Here’s the original trailer to whet your appetites!