Pam Ann 'Non-stop' – Live From New York City on DVD today | TQS Magazine

All aboard for comedy air hostess Pam Ann’s (she what she did there?) latest tour ‘Non-Stop’ – Live from New York City which lands on DVD today.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pam Ann it’s fair to say she isn’t (air)miles away from a drag queen with her bitchy comments, acerbic wit glamourous image. Perhaps that’s why she’s built up a huge gay following over the years meaning as her shows have progressed, they’ve become more and more filled with LGBT references (such as her excellent Grindr sketch). Don’t let that put you off if you’re not gay though, her physical comedy, perfect delivery and hilarious facial expressions provide laughs for anyone no matter of sexual preference.

This couldn’t be truer with her latest (and hilarious) tour ‘Non-Stop’, which provides new material as well the return of some of her brilliant interpretations of each countries’ national airline staff. Sure, she plays on stereotypes and some of the gags aren’t particularly politically correct but it’s all done in good fun. Here is a show reel of some of her characters, we particularly like the British and Spanish hostesses:

Pam Ann ‘Non-stop’ – Live From New York City lands on DVD 12th November.

By Jamie McHale