Support MediCinema's Pay it Forward Campaign | TQS Magazine

MediCinema, a registered charity which brings the joy and escapism of cinema to patients undergoing treatment for complex injuries and illnesses across the UK are asking you to ‘Pay it Forward’ this January.

Their cinemas are specifically designed to comfortably accommodate wheelchairs and hospital beds whilst maintaining a real and immersive cinema-going experience away from the wards for patients and their families. Although MediCinema work closely with the National Health Service, MediCinema doesn’t receive any funding from the NHS and relies totally on the support and generosity of the Film Industry and corporate and public fundraising.

Today, Medicinema launch their goodwill movement ‘Pay it Forward’, which asks cinema lovers to donate £10 a month (or whatever they can) to help bring the very latest cinema releases, and a much needed break from treatment, to patients and their families. For more information about ‘Pay it Forward’ and the people who benefit from it, take a look here.

MediCinema are supported by a long list of patrons including Simon Pegg, Helen Mirren, Ewan McGregor and Dame Judi Dench. Fancy joining that list? Then get donating!

We love this charity so much that if anyone donates, let us know and we’ll send you out something filmy to say thank you.

By Jamie McHale