What’s your driving personality? | TQS Magazine

Let’s begin honestly.  I don’t drive.  I can’t drive, and have never, in fact, sat behind the wheel of a car.  So perhaps I’m not the most adept person for an article about road rage.  But even I, with the mildest of temperaments, get vocal from my backseat when people piss me off on the road.  So what is it about a car that makes people so ugly?

Quotemehappy.com is a car insurance company that has decided to research the phenomenon.  Their idea is to reward well-behaved drivers and to highlight their plight have put together a video of average Joes turned Incredible Hulks on their day to day journeys.  How do you think you would fare?

Their ASDO report (that’s Anti-Social Driving Order – catchy) has revealed that 63% of drivers prefer sounding their horn while 22% like to eff and blind.  Only a third of people retain composure when aggravated on the road.  For a supposedly restrained nation they’re some nasty figures!

Which got me thinking – are there any other situations where you can really let rip?  Not socially acceptable as such but where people make allowances because of the situation?  I am a horrendous loser and have been known to scream at friends if I let an advantage slip (I definitely gesticulate more round a Trivial Pursuit board than in a car seat).  Bad grammar has led me to graffiti public property – a habit I learnt from a very militant mother.

What situations get you riled and can they ever beat shaking a fist while keeping a steering wheel straight?

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