Sponsored Video: James Charms Seduction Lesson #13: Groups. | TQS Magazine

While it may be raining here in the temperate UK, it’s time for James Bond-style trunks and some chest waxing as we fly off to Mauritus / St Lucia / Monaco. But while fast cars, casinos, private beaches and martinis are essential elements of our suave getaways, nothing makes a holiday like a babe in a bikini on your arm.

So James Charm has concluded his series of essential seduction lessons with a summer special – how to score your beach eye-candy. The subject of his final tutorial is particularly tailored to winning over a damsel in the sunshine – where women tend to move on packs. Be it shopping for skimpy beachwear or chilling by the pool, it is near impossible to isolate one from her BFFs. So how do you get that perfect 10 (well, 8 for preference) on your arm?

James has a rather devious scheme for guaranteed success. With confidence, head on in to confront them. But here’s the twist: hit on the least attractive of the group. I can hear your protests now – sounds risky doesn’t it? But here’s the twist – the other girls, dismayed at being ignored, will all clamour for your attention. Before you know it you’ve got your pick of the sexiest babes in the room. Cunning, but effective.

For your perfect summer of seduction, just listen to James. Mr Charm knows his industry (know what I’m saying?) so watch, listen and score. This lesson will sort you out poolside, but James has necessary advice for every situation: if in doubt, ask James.

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