The weather for leather | TQS Magazine

It’s rare that the worlds of menswear and womenswear collide (and not in a ‘tomboy is in’ kind of way) – but when it does, it can be incredibly interesting. To celebrate the crossover that’s currently taking hold on the highstreet, we’ve taken a step out of our comfort zone and shot womenswear for a change.

There’s a couple of key trends that seem to have seeped across both floors for autumn / winter this year, with leather (well, faux leather) being a particular favourite for the boys and the girls. Leather detailing has been on the rise for a few months now, and it’s about to go into overdrive. It stems from the darker elements of the designer catwalks – with the likes of Gucci and Jonathan Saunders embracing all things goth. This works out particularly well for us, being well invested in monochrome. And AW is the perfect time to play with texture too – hybrid pieces mixing two fabrics on one garment is also going to be big. For the guys, we’re seeing fabric panelling across tees and pockets, and for the ladies, contrast sleeves and necklines are on the menu, which is why these dresses from Bank are a great choice.

It can be difficult seeing a particular look (or even fabric) that makes up your personal style become a trend, which is why we’re encouraging you to go all out. Sack off the ‘mix with feminine touches’ the fashion mags will tell you to do, and dial up the drama. Sure, you might not have a giant pair of horns you can rock up to the office in, but if you’re going to do it, go HAM. Oversize your jewelry, max up the eyeliner and wear the heels your mum worries about. After all, if you’re going to wear leather, you might as well do it justice.

Thanks for modelling, Rosie.

Martin Carter