Racing Dreams Documentary Film Review | TQS Magazine

Whether you are a NASCAR enthusiast or not, this award winning documentary, brought to us by filmmaker Marshall Curry (If A Tree Falls, Street Fight) and Spirit Level Films, will captivate and inspire with its spirited portrait of the lives of three youngsters as they pursue their passion for NASCAR racing.

Academy Award nominated, Racing Dreams, follows three youngsters, Annabeth (aged 11), Josh (aged 12) and Brandon (aged 13) in this coming of age story fuelled with ambition as they each compete for the Championship in the World Karting Association’s National Series ,with the hope of being given the chance to race professionally as NASCAR drivers. On this treacherous track they clock up speeds of up to 70 mph and learn to think fast and act on their gut feelings in order to win.

This compelling documentary takes us to the tracks where NASCAR drivers are made; the year-long National Series that has spawned many of the top NASCAR drivers of today. But instead of focusing primarily on the race track, Racing Dreams takes us behind the scenes to see what trials and tribulations these youngsters face at home and on the track. This year-long series is the time in a young Kart driver’s life when they must decide if racing is a hobby or career.

This adrenaline fuelled documentary will inspire anyone to live their dream and follow their passion, but it also highlights the dedication needed by these youngsters, especially at this pivotal age, in order to succeed in this sport. Annabeth often comments on the fact that she is missing out on parties and doing things with her friends, but that this is her passion and she couldn’t imagine not doing it. Faced with family issues, monetary issues and even young love these young drivers must already decide the road they wish to take. At such a young age it is hard to believe that these youngsters are able to race so fearlessly at such high speeds. It is the dedication and fearlessness of these racers that makes this documentary so gripping, you find yourself cheering them along in the races.

Racing dreams is truly insightful with its portrait of youth on the edge of adolescence and their struggle to achieve their ambition whilst being faced with desperate odds. Although the narrative may feel like it moves slowly from time to time, the treacherous adrenaline-fuelled race track is never far away.

Racing Dreams is a film for everyone that is sure to inspire.

You can buy Racing Dreams on DVD from Monday 17th September.Find out more about Spirit Level Films and buy the DVD here.

Written by Shirley Welton, who also blogs at Beyond the Edges of the Frame and follow me on Twitter @shirley_welton.