Men's Fashion Finds #7: Eastie Empire | TQS Magazine

Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet men’s Fashion Finders. We’ve been on safari. No, no we haven’t really, but our latest find sure makes us feel like we have. This fortnight we bring you the desert delights of Eastie Empire.

As the sun FINALLY comes out across the UK, we’re on the lookout for some clobber inspired by baking hot dunes, scorching sands and the vintage Poirot episodes where he goes and solves a murder in an exotic climb. Although billed as ‘sports heritage’ we personally see a bit more vintage explorer feel – particularly in the necklines and the buttoning. Is buttoning a thing? Probably. Vintage explorer buttoning. Yup, we’re making that happen.

And along with the buttoning there’s a lot of hidden detail in the pieces. Take the frankly uh-mayze-balls Fairfax pedal pushers. Usually any mention of the words pedal pushers would send us hiding under the bed, fearing a resurgence of B*Witched cheap blue denim ‘trend’, but in this case it’s a bloody treat. Inspired by Victorian cyclists (and even named after one), they boast many of the original detailing that featured back in the day, brought up to date with the slight dropped crotch (which we’re known for being very anti) and the subtle grey colour. Brilliant.

Pedal pusher’s ain’t your thing? That’s cool – there’s some cooly understated shirts, a range of incredibly comfy looking jersey and a bevy of sports luxe items for you to pick from too.

Our only gripe with ol’ Eastie is that there isn’t more of it – a lot of the collection is in the sale and after browsing a couple of pages you reach the end, wanting more. On the plus side, there’s some real steals in discounted section, which makes this men’s fashion find not only a hidden gem, but an affordable one too.

You can find Eastie Empire on Facebook and Twitter too. Shop Eastie Empire here.