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A preview of J Edgar, a film to bedirected by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardio Dicaprio playing the FBI’s first director, the homosexual J Edgar Hoover.

Fred Karger the openly homosexual Republican who is beginning a campaign for Presidency.

A preview of BBC2’s adapdation of Christopher Isherwood’s autobiography starring Matt Smith

Gay Pirates is a song by Cosmo Jarvis an English-American singer, songwriter and filmmaker. Believe it or not, Gay Pirates tells the story of the difficulty of being openly gay on a pirate ship.

I mentioned Queer as Folk in a previous post about its creator Russel T Davies but I think it’s about time this groundbreaking TV programme got its own post. British LGBT TV history can be talked about in terms of…

My first in a regular column for hopelies.com , An Introduction to Queer Cinema

An introduction to Clare Maguire

Are the Republicans finally coming round to the idea of gay mariage?

February is LGBT History Month, find out a little more about the event as well as some local reccomendations

The Justin Group who campaign to end homophobia in football celebrate this LGBT History Month