Websites for beginners with 1&1 | TQS Magazine

Daft Punk’s comeback might be retro, but their interview on is anything but. Have a look at the article and you’ll see what I mean. I’m already impressed that the background appears to be an animated GIF but as I scroll down through the article, the site’s functionality becomes more and more intriguing. The images and text transform as you scroll to give the appearance of a glossy magazine rather than a conventional blog. Not only that but parts of the article appear from the side as well as vertically. The overall experience is really fresh and unexpected.

It also probably required some pretty fancy web design and coding skill to get it up and running. Kudos to the guys that achieved such great effects, but for the rest of us it can be a bit of a pain to sort out your own website, unless you have very talented and very dedicated friends.

These days though, in a world where every man and his dog wants a website, there are some great services out there to take out the bother of setting up your own website. 1&1 My Website is a really handy service offering website templates, which basically means that you can just upload your text and images and they sort out the rest. This isn’t a service just for businesses, either. They have designs and templates to suit all sorts, so that whether you want a website to catalogue your travels or to keep friends up to date with your cat’s latest funny face, you can make a 1&1 personal website.