Pop Culture Blog – Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion – TQS – Part 15

There’s a pug on our desk and we can’t contain our excitement. Introducing anamorphic illusions from InstantPrint.

Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life at Tate Britain, our review by Simon Columb.

Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist at Tate Modern, our review by Simon Columb.

We go clothes-line-ing into WWE’s latest show at the new Leeds Arena

Last week Jamie and I decided that we needed to get blind drunk on white spirits under the guise of self-improvement and education, ideally against the backdrop of one of London’s most historic streets.

CARACOL ‘SHIVER’. THIS IS THE WAY POP SHOULD BE. It will cheer you up as you come to the realization that summer really is over and the rain is here to stay.

As the multi-award winning T.V. drama Breaking Bad is enjoying its fifth season run, the series’ creator looks back at its previous run, and owes its success partly due to the technology of streaming media.

From the writers of the The Descendants, we review new film The Way Way Back.

We messed with an 11 year old’s mind (by asking him what he thought about the digitally remastered Time Bandits.)

Call off the search. We’ve find the best menswear shop in the whole wide world. Hold on to your wallets, here’s Vrients.