Pop Culture Blog – Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion – TQS – Part 16

We review BBC’s Top of the Lake, an expansive drama centred around the disappearance of a pregnant 12 year old in a fictional New Zealand town.

It’s time to crack out the leather. And the ridiculous jewellry. And the horns. Maybe not the horns.

Do you know your window pane from your plaid? Your plaid from your glen plain? Step inside to discover some of the different checks to chose from.

You might think it’s all skinny jeans and bad hair, but Fresher’s Fashion is a serious business. Here’s our top three tips to get you top of the fashion class.

Why do we keep going wrong with print in menswear? Swallows and Keith Lemon novelty t shirts aside, how can we solve the problem with print?

Is it really better up there? Our review of Neill Blomkamp’s new sci-fi film Elysium.

The epic story of Harry Potter has become the most successful film series of all time – but just how much Potter trivia do you know?

Our (positive) review of the publicly troubled legend ‘superhero of the west’, brought back to our screens by Disney.

After months of entirely unnecessary yearning and intrigue, we finally go to a pop-up cinema experience…

We sent Fiona Gales to sip on a white russian at Grub Club’s The Pig Lebowski (get it?).