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13 August 2011 No Comment

One Sixth of Tommy is made up of three 19 year old girls; Jordan, Jorja & Joanna. Along with their convenient names-beginning-with-J’s, the girls also have in common a passion for song writing and guitar playing which is pretty refreshing for a modern girl band since they’ve probably already written more original material than Girls Aloud ever have.

We received a copy of their debut album, You’re in My Head, to review and we’re pleasantly surprised. Acoustic pop is a genre that tends to be a little, well, dull but One Sixth of Tommy manage to pull off that rare trick or blending charming, and perhaps a little whimsical, melodies with lyrics that have some depth. The pretty heart-on-the-sleeve sentimental lyrics don’t come off as saccharine as they may initially seem thanks to a subtle undercurrent of longing & sadness which runs through the album.

Our favourite track on the album is probably the first single they released The Pact (below) but other tracks we loved are Butterflies & their next single Everything’s OK . The girls cite Suzanne Vega as one of their influences and it has to be said you can definitely hear her in their album, even down to the vocals. However, that’s not a bad a thing and You’re in My Head is a charming album that would be perfect on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You’re in My Head is released 29th August, visit their website for more information –

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