North Face 'Longer Days' | TQS Magazine

Everyone seems to be really feeling the peak of their winter inactivity now the weather has improved enough to warrant a show of leg or a short sleeve. If you managed to stay active over winter then we salute you, it’s about to pay off.

If you’re still feeling like you need a bit of a shove in the right direction before you’ll get excited for summer and accept it’s time to lose the cable knit, you wait until you’ve seen North Face‘s Longer Days campaign. We caught their latest ad at the cinema recently (see below), and by the time it’d finished, we were more interested in sprinting around canyons and bouldering than sitting in the dark for two hours watching a film.

If you want our cheap, cheerful, and making the most of the sunshine suggestions for the coming months, then climbing and running, as it happens, are both awesome fun in the summer. Sweating it out on a jog is never better than at dusk with a bit of company, and climbing makes you feel like the most useful and resourceful superhero/7 year old scamp of all time.

Good job then that North Face have got a brand new summer range for you to look like you know exactly what you’re doing in, with a pair of shorts aptly monikered ‘better than naked’, which are only adding to the urge to get out there and shake off the winter with a bit of old fashioned playing out. Watch it for yourself, and see if you’re feeling more energised by the prospect of a longer day!

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