BMW Ultimate Driver | TQS Magazine

 If you went to the cinema earlier this year then you may have noticed an engaging little advert in and amongst the trailers allowing you, via the Cineme app, to drive a BMW round a track on the silver screen, by making quick decisions on braking points, acceleration and racing line. The ‘virtual lap’ also did the rounds online, with armchair (or indeed cinema chair) drivers able to test their mettle and put their money where there mouth is – high scores went into a leader board, giving would-be racers the opportunity to take part in the BMW ‘Ultimate Driver’ challenge.

The challenge was designed to put the 2 Series Coupe to the test, not by journalists, or professional drivers, but by the buyer. BMW have put delivering ultimate driving pleasure at the core of the cars design and engineering, and the Ultimate Driver challenge sought to find the person capable of making the most of the powerful sport performance and road-holding 50:50 weight distribution. Their reward: Testing all of BMW’s new models in 2014, including the M3 and the M5…in Austria. It doesn’t get much better than that really does it?

There were 40 finalists on the day, and after a series of testing and stimulating driving challenges, geared to push both driver and car to the best of their abilities, the victor was Duncan Smart, who will now be spending 2014 making the rest of us very jealous. Well done that man. You can see how he got on, along with the rest of finalists, over at the BMW Ultimate Driver site, all under the watchful eye of former F1 presenter Jake Humphrey and touring car legend Andy Priaulx. Well worth a watch – a little slice of adrenaline to inject into your afternoon, and you’ll also be able to find out more about the beautiful new 2 Series Coupe, which BMW promises is ‘well on its way to setting new milestones’.

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