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After spending lots of money on fizzy, salty and sugary snacks at the cinema’s refreshment counter, the last thing you need is a film that puts you off your appetite. Bodily fluids that seep, spurt and splash really do make the stomach turn.

Here are ten films that caused people to use their popcorn tub as a makeshift sick bucket.

Saw 3

Quite honestly, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the Saw franchise. You could choose the moment when Cary Elwes hacks off his own foot with a rusty saw (if only to be loyal to the first film). But close-ups of a drill going into Jigsaw’s skull in Saw 3, assisted by some horrific sound effects, is pretty hard to beat in the toe curling stakes. If this is your sort of thing, the director of Saw has a new scary treat out this Summer, called The Conjuring.

Team America: World Police

It’s only a puppet! Yet somehow it didn’t alleviate the waves of nausea that swept through the cinema audience when Broadway actor-cum-world saviour Gary Johnston fell to his knees in a dark alley and vomited for what seemed like a good third of the film.

American Pie 3: The Wedding

When cornered by inquisitive parents at your friend’s wedding, you may very well claim that the doggy do you hold in your hand is actually a luxurious chocolate truffle. This scene was only going one way, and so it probably came as little surprise when Stifler stuffed the mutt’s mess in his mouth.

Human Centipede (pictured)

“Feed her! FEED HER!” exclaimed the mad German surgeon. Sceptics may suggest that the film was built around this one moment when the lead man of the human centipede is forced to do his toilet business into the mouth of the woman behind him, whose lips were sewn onto his backside.

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

In one of the film’s most iconic sketches, Mr Creosote – the obese restaurant patron – eats a lot and vomits a lot, missing the sick bucket each time. The wafer thin mint, presented to him at the end of a meal that comprised of everything on the menu, causes Mr Creosote to explode and cover other restaurateurs with his innards.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Soup with eyeballs floating around in it; snakes that were cut open to release creepy crawlies; little black wriggly things; and frozen monkey brains. As an archaeologist, Indy had obviously eaten all of this stuff before and just took it in his stride, although it probably didn’t do anything to stop him from thinking that there was something latently evil about Pankot Palace.

Total Recall

It has come to be known simply as ‘the nose scene’. Arnie shows all his teeth when he opts to take the nostril route to remove a tracking device from his brain using a strange piece of surgical equipment.


When drug addict Renton literally dumps his opium suppositories down ‘the worst toilet in Scotland’, he decides to go in after them. The producers and set designers didn’t disappoint, creating the ugliest, grimiest and most menacing looking pot in cinematic history.

American History X

If you’ve ever thought about stealing cars, one scene in this film will make sure you never entertain the idea again. It’s amazing what messages you can create when you combine a concrete curb, a young man’s jaw and Derek Vinyward’s boot. Oh – and the sound. The sound is horrific.

The Fly

Jeff Goldblum challenges a burly boxer bloke in a dingy bar to an arm-wrestling match, just so he can impress a woman. The arm wrestle turns out to be an arm-breaking competition and Jeff wins by harnessing his Brundlefly powers. The fracture makes even the hardy flinch.

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