Misfits series 3 episode 8 review (finale) | TQS Magazine

This series has been a journey for sure. The “Previously On…” recap brought up some blasts from the past. A couple of dead probation workers and a crazy brainwashing religious girl; all killed by the Misfits. I was hoping to hear “Save me Barry!” once more but you can’t have everything. We are also reminded of Simon promising Alisha that he will stop becoming Superhoodie and just settle down. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, stop reading and go catch up. Don’t let anyone spoil it for you!

Okay, so we start this episode by a psychic telling Simon that someone is trying to contact him from the grave; Sally the second probation worker. She appears and the psychic says that the storm made him into a real psychic who can bring spirits back. However, as he carries on bringing people back, it turns out the Misfits have a lot of unfinished business. Tony, the original probation worker returns (Sally’s boyfriend) and so does Rachel, the religious girl who brainwashed most of the Misfits in the first series.

While the Misfits are trying to understand why they’ve returned, Sally is getting some alone time with Simon. He feels guilty for killing her and she keeps saying her feelings were genuine and she loves him. Simon is conflicted but thinks he is the reason for her coming back. They kiss and Alisha finds out. Sally thinks she has come back for revenge but Tony finds her just before she was going to throw Alisha off the roof. Tony and Sally kiss then disappear.

All is well again apart from Rachel. She can’t understand why she has returned, until it dawns on her she is the one back for revenge on the people who killed her. Alisha steps out after making up with Simon but as she steps out, Rachel slashes her neck with a pen knife. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I love Alisha but after thinking about it, it makes sense for her to die. Simon realises this is the moment that he goes back in time to save Alisha. It explains a lot; like why Simon could touch Alisha, as his power was being immune from other people’s powers. It’s slightly confusing but I think it all works out.

It is a brilliant ending to a fantastic series and it makes total sense in the Misfits universe. There was always going to be a point when Simon had to go back in time to save Alisha, but I didn’t think it would be just yet. It brings up so many questions though. As Rudy points out, are Simon and Alisha stuck in this time loop doing the same thing for all eternity? Will they ever see Simon and Alisha again?

The fourth series had already been green lit by E4 earlier in the week. However, Antonia Thomas (Alisha) and Iwan Rheon (Simon) have also now confirmed that they won’t be returning for the next series, which I think is a real shame. But the thing with Misfits is you know they will bring in more strong characters with even greater story lines, and the show will just go from strength to strength.

If the show finished here, it would be a fitting ending. The remaining Misfits keep their heads down and finish their community service and Simon will keep going back in time forever and ever to save Alisha. I have to agree with Kelly though. It’s sad to see them go but I think it’s dead romantic. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Favourite moments

“The big news is there’s no God.” Rachel telling the Misfits about the afterlife. And Rudy’s response? “Thank fuck for that!”

It wasn’t much but I liked seeing Nathan again, I’m glad they haven’t completely forgotten about him.

Not much for Rudy to do in this episode because all the ghosts were from series one and two so he didn’t know any of them. But I did like his mixed emotions at the end. Should we be happy or sad? Let’s go with Rudy and be happy.